Why meditating with kids is the best

Meditating with kids can be awesome. I first started applying this technique with my son when he showed signs of anxiety and restlessness at bedtime. No matter how small and innocent, our children experience their own levels of stress too and need to be taught tools and techniques to deal with a busy life.

Benefits for mother and child

Sharing my own experiences with meditation to relieve anxiety with my children have changed the way I meditate myself. For the better.

  • Seeing the beneficial effects meditation had on my children, enhanced my own belief in this relaxation technique. And in my ability as a parent to offer adequate solutions when I notice my child is suffering.
  • Meditating with my children has deepened my bond with them. Meditation is something sacred which we share together.
  • My children are more relaxed and have stronger self-esteem. They now have the power to calm themselves down through deep breathing and inner focus to release negative thoughts.

Spontaneous silence

Sharing meditation with my children brings many gifts like feeling of spontaneity, flexibility and adventure. My children feel at ease spending quiet moments together with me, and then afterwards sharing our thoughts and emotions. Sharing at such a deep level gives way to more laughter and inhibition when out exploring the world. Reassurance at core-level produces strong, self-reliant children ready to face the world.

You can do it too

Moby has release 4h of free downloadable ambient meditation and yoga music. I like to fully engage with my children and offer then some guidance in their meditation.

A meditation guide :

begin by getting comfortable, letting go, and focus upon your breath, relaxing your body one part at a time, begin by focusing upon your feet allowing all your muscles to relax, throughout your feet, feeling the warmth seep through your toes, bringing in deep relaxation, allow this beautiful warmth to flow easily up through your ankles on into your legs, relax, feeling your knees and your thighs completely give way to a, calming flow of loving peaceful relaxation, should any outside thoughts come through simply brush it aside and continue to focus on your breath, breathing deeply and relaxing completely, sense this healing flow now enter the base of your spine, it’s relaxing your lower back, sinking deeper and deeper into a calm state, moving up your back, relaxing all the muscles along the way, let go.

Namasté !



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