Barcelona with kids

We stayed in Barcelona for a week before embarking on our Disney Cruise adventure. The city is a true treasure chest to be fully enjoyed in the company of little ones who look at life with that fresh sense of innosence and wonder.

We visited the city extensively with the little ones in trail. My kids enjoyed this city trip very much, spending time with mama, seeing new things, touring this gorgeous town. We generally got out and about using the subway. These are the top 10 things my children remember of Barcelona.


  1. Parc Güell : they loved the mosaic, the colours, the shapes, the play of shadowy stones and nature park.
  2. Las Ramblas : the trinkets, the artists, the quaint little bars.
  3. The beach : we love the sea. Period.
  4. Cable cars : up to Montjüic
  5. Riksja bikes : lovely tour of the city, though the children were concerned if the man on the bike was tired of taking us around.
  6. The aquarium : we saw jaws ! The children were happy to see that the nasty men in the film hadn’t really killed the poor little shark. Nice shark.
  7. Touristic bus : we sat up top the double decker and toured the whole city, making plans of what we wanted to see and where we would go next.
  8. The Sagrada Familia : my kids will always fondly refer back to the castle with the 4 golden crowns on top. What a lovely nickname for Gaudi’s unfinished cathedral.

The best thing about Barcelona is that it is a city which is truly geared towards children. As you are walking around, you will frequently stumble across a park with swings and slides where the children can play before you move on to the next sights.


Barcelona is the ideal city trip to take with your children if it is your mission in life as a parent to enfuse your offspring with a passion for life, food, culture, and of course, architecture.

— Barcelona, Spain (August 2013)


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