Rolling on the river

I love taking my children outside for some good old fashioned rollerblading. The route by the Dijle river is wonderful for this occasion : no traffic, except for bikes and walkers, a beautiful clean view out in the countryside, and a food bar at the end. What more can a little heart desire ?

Children have a high factoring bounce-back-ability

Rollerblading is an acquired skill. Meaning it doesn’t come naturally, at least not without the expected dose of falling. I love my children and like the next mother it hurts when I see my kids hurting. You don’t love in to help or to protect your children. If you do, you are perceiving the child as a simple object, and you are seeing yourself as a wise and generous parent. This has nothing to do with love. To love is to be in harmony with your child and to fan in that child the spark of spontaneity. When they fall, they get back up again.

Children are adventurous

As a parent, you take calculated risks. Children take risks without giving it a second thought. Until it’s too late, of course. You will only understand the miracle of being blessed with children fully when you allow the unexpected to happen. Let them be bold and daring.

I could have stopped him/ her from falling. What does this phrase imply? At any given moment in your kids’ lives, there are certain things that could have happened but didn’t. The magic moments go unrecognized.

Children don’t see the traps of danger which you see lurking around every corner as a loving parent. Children see only the light of the adventure, not the shadows of the fall.

Now repeat after me : I am going to keep the world a beautiful place for my children. There are many things in life that are worth experiencing to the max. My children are worth every bit of it.

— Tremeloo, Belgium (May 2014)


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