We ranked the island of Malta

We found Malta to be the perfect fit for a fun and action packed vacation, together with some well-deserved down time by the pool. Malta isn’t a very large island, so the choice in activities isn’t really overwhelming to choose from. Nevertheless, we did all the hard work for you and reviewed some of the best cultural outings to go on with children. Remember, kids do love culture, as long as you bring it to them in an exciting way.


Grand Hotel Excelsior is a true jewel

I spent one week at this hotel with my two wonderful children. We were welcomed with a smile. We had a stunning harbour view room. Maltese hospitality always seems to ensure that guests want for nothing during their stay. The staff were very nice, the ideal vacation stay in the middle of a city. Valetta, such a charm.


Keeping a balance

When choosing a hotel, I always make sure that there is a babysit service. I adore my littles. They are my sun, my moon, my star-lit skies. Yet some me-time is highly appreciated to be albe to keep up my positive vibes. So mums out there, always plan in a few hours here and there for some pampering : a hairdresser’s appointment and a spa treatment. We deserve it after all that hard work. Afterwards you feel stunning, relaxed and ready to be the great mum you want to be.

Dining out with kids in Malta

My children are used to going out for dinner with me at restaurants, and have been trained over the years to behave properly. As for the menu, my daughter will usually go for the children’s menu, sticking to safe dishes like chicken nuggets, pizza and so on. My son is more adventurous when it comes to tasting local dishes. He often asks for a half-portion of an adult dish instead. He will try anything, loves seafood, octopus, calamares, sushi… You name it, he’ll try it.

Malta’s sea and beaches

Not all beaches are sandy in Malta, so do check before – or stick to the pool. Our hotel had a private rocky bay onto the coast, which is best for older children, because these natural sea pools do not always have shallow areas for less-confident swimmers.

Activity highlights

We went sightseeing and exploring the surroundings of Valetta in horse and cart.



We took the night-tour bus around the entire island of Malta and saw prehistoric temples, roman ruins, medieval castles and walled cities, formidable forts, splendid churches and wayside chapels… these are just a few of the historical attractions that you can visit for that unique travel-back-in-time experience.

Just off the record, I didn’t have to pay for this trip, because to quote the guide : “You are blonde and beautiful woman, you don’t have to pay. Please feel free to board the bus.” Charmed !


We took a boat trip around the island of Malta. And a speed boat trip to see coves or to Comino and Gozo. However, a word of caution for other single mums traveling with more than one child : do pack some inflatable swimming bands for safety and your own peace of mind. At several moments, the boat makes a stop in a bay and the children enjoy jumping of the boat into the shallow waters. You will want to keep an eye on your children without worrying if they are safe. The band helps you see them better visually and stop you from panicking if you can’t immediately locate a child.


Best of all, we spent time together discovering, playing in the water and out dancing at night.


A final word of advice : suncream !

— Valetta, Malta (July, 2015)

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