Why researching your yoga retreat is important

So much looking forward to our next adventure ! Off to experience five days of transformative yoga, meditation, and self-empowerment workshops on the paradise island of Sicily. Before booking this yoga and meditation retreat, I did my homework.

What do I want ?

I started by defining what my ideal short-break yoga retreat would look like :

  • family retreat with classes for children
  • babysit service
  • European destination
  • sea view
  • somewhere I haven’t been before

Online research

Knowing exactly what I wanted, I set out to short list some yoga retreats through https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/. Then the fun started. The internet has given us immediate access to an overload of information, all at the click of a button. I always like to hear two sides of a story, so for each destination that I had short listed, I sent a mail to the yoga house telling them exactly what kind of vacation I was looking for, that I would be travelling alone with three children and would require classes for children and a babysit service. I find it important to see how my request would be answered.

At the same time I checked out the online reviews on TripAdvisor as well as the website listed for each retreat. Positive reviews are just about as important as price or special offers. The yoga centre’s website will also be influential in terms of how they represent themselves (pictures, wording, etc) – first impressions do count.

Another important factor is accessibility. When traveling with 3 kids, you have to make sure it is not going to be a huge undertaking just to get to your destination. So plane tickets and time to travel were another factor which entered the equation.

The outcome

Surprising how things unravel themselves. From the answers I received, I immediately eliminated one resort because although they were listed as a family retreat, they offered no classes for children. They also implied I would leave my children alone in the room, despite the fact that I had stated I would be traveling with my own babysit.

Btw the decision to take along my own babysit occurred in the process of research.

Another retreat got scrapped from the list although they had been very friendly and supplied much helpful information and suggestions for my stay. The reason : I enquired why I couldn’t find them on TripAdvisor and why there was no address for their yoga house listed on their website. The answer was short : unfortunately they were all of a sudden fully booked for the time that I wished to travel. Coincidence ? I think not…

This narrowed my search down to two retreats. I settled on the yoga centre which was easiest to reach : a wonderful yoga retreat in Sicily. So looking forward to this experience.

— The universe (here and now)


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