Get lost on seaside time

Hiking sand dunes, drinking champagne and hot chocolate, pristine water at every turn…what’s not to love? We’ve rounded up the our favourite pass times for best holiday life at Cadzand.


April is still too cold for swimming or paddling. My littles won’t let such details hold them back. On with the wellies and the wind stoppers. They’re still happy to catch the waves. We walked all the way down the beach, discovering hidden spots. This is also the ideal place to go hunting not only for sea shells, but also for shark teeth! Yes really.

Cadzand beach stretches out to the scenic area of the Zwin, a nature reservation. A true delight to visit for some calm soul searching. We ended our day with a scrumptious gorge on seafood down town.


Sand dune hiking is one of our bestest when we visit the seaside. Cadzand is surrounded by dunes and green gifts of nature. Always a delight to spend a few hours letting the little ones run wild. They climb and jump and roll around. Letting their imagination get the best of them. The dunes are also an excellent spot to sit still and watch the sun set on clear evenings.


Cycle on the beaten path, you can discover the coastal area for miles. There are plenty of places spotted the long of the cycling routes, on the beach, where you can stop for refreshments. The Netherlands if flat which makes cycling easy and enjoyable. Feel as free as the sea gulls flying above your head. Kids thrive in all this open air freedom and nature ramblings.

Yes, you can ride a bike. I was 7 months pregnant when I took this trip with my kids. And although I’ll admit to more frequent breaks than my childrens would have liked, and my big belly getting in the way a few times, we really went for it. Pregnancy was no excuse. You can do it too !

Cadzand, definitely worthwhile.

— Cadzand, The Netherlands (April 2016)



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