Bolloheide, a nature landmark in Belgium

The Bolloheide is a popular area for walkers. When it comes to fresh air walks, greeting goats and more, we’ve got you covered in Tremelo.

The Bolloheide is a nature reserve in Tremelo. This is a tiny village situated in the centre of Belgian. Known to the outside world for being the birth place of Father Damiaan and home to Niels Albert, a former professional cyclo-cross racing cyclist. All things that make Belgium great!


The Bolloheide is a pretty authentic relic of the original large moorland stretching from Bonheiden to Baal. The former heath is wooded with pine and has been parceled out to residential areas. The houses built in this residential area are pearls of architecture and not for cheap.

Undeveloped relics of the former dry, arid vegetation are scarce and scattered. Today the Bolloheide consists largely of open heath, with coarse pine forest. Besides heather on dry, nutrient-poor and acidic soil, you will find more species-rich, nutrient-poor grasslands.


The grazing block is accessible through several gates. The grazing is done by sheep and goats who can handle this vegetation.

What is there to do but walk, we hear you ask? We go there for fun. Playing hide and seek or mushroom picking, we think you should add these to your “carpe diem” bucket list.


Whether we like to admit it or not, going for rambles in nature is addictive. This is not one of the most incredible nature reserves out there, but it’s close to home. In our heart it is one of the best landmarks around in Belgium.

— Tremelo, Belgium (Octobre 2015)


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