Pack your bags & baby

Wanting to be wild women who explore the unknown (ahum) I set out again on a sunny Saturday to the beach of Cadzand with baby in tow. One of my besties really loved the idea of going off on regular walks in nature. Now the Zwin in Cadzand isn’t the greatest adventure out there, but I’m still getting my ahead around the logistics that getting out and about with a baby entails. My last walk around the lake taught me that a baby carrier would be preferable.

The Cadzand coastal line is one that leaves you speechless. The images tell stories enough.

The Zwin is a protected nature reserve on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. It is the last remains of the channel between the North Sea and historical centre of Bruges, when the river hadn’t sanded over and was blossoming with trade ships. The Zwin now hosts high sand dunes, salt flats and marshes, with wonderful wildlife (mainly birds and butterflies).


Tips for taking baby to the seaside :

  1. Forget about your stroller. It won’t work in the sand. No matter what size the wheels, not matter how many wheels. It will get stuck. I didn’t insist on buying a baby carrier for nothing.
  2. Bring an umbrella. This is Belgium after all. If not for the rain, it can provide some shade for the baby whilst walking.
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen for the baby, and yourself. The sea air is always fresh and you won’t notice till the evening that your nose is red and peeling. Slap on the cream.
  4. Stop for regular refreshments. My favourites are latte macchiato and champagne.
  5. Invest in a proper back pack…

The Netherlands has a great sense for planning their coastal line. Unlike Belgium, the coast line and dikes is a clear open view. There are no tall buildings on the coast line, leaving it free to open space nature and sand dunes. There are plenty of little café bars spotted along the beach, about a mile apart each time. Something like bar hopping, from one beach stop till the next.


There’s that strange guy again, stalking my pictures. He’s so totally not my boyfriend. He was kind enough to offer to carry our bags. Next investment : a nice trendy rucksack.

— Cadzand, the Netherlands (March 2017)

“Traveling. It leaves you speechless. And then turns you into a storyteller.”



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