Not tonight, too effing tired

Two years ago, I published an article about Goachi’s horny goat weed, an aphrodisiac, love capsules, stimulating vitamins, whatever you want to call it. My article and research were based on a conversation I had with an old school friend of mine. Sarah Cherif is an entrepreneur, like myself, and has her own company in Habit Management. This courageous woman launched herself out there with a product that gets a few giggles going at the least.

What are we supposed to take and when?

See… wait a minute. I have already taken out of the equation who should be taking these and whether you need to take them. What I’m removing from the conversation here are the snide side-remarks, the cold sniggers “imagine having to take that”. I’m leaving it up to the health of everyone out there. After all, nobody frowns when I state that I’m taking extra vitamins or food supplements. Yet one could expect that I would be reprimanded for unhealthy eating. After all, we’re meant to be able to get all we need out of our daily food intake and healthy lifestyle. But it’s okay to be physically unhealthy. Yet when we talk about desires and wanting a deeper connection in the bedroom, we are ridiculed with partaking in “womanly wiles”. Why the stigma?

More questions

What are the components of a good multivitamin? How can you be sure the ones you’re buying are of the best quality? The article and my post on social media was so resonant it was one of the most popular of that year, and it sparked ongoing conversations — since not everyone can go about talking about these issues as openly as in this article.

A confidence

My boyfriend was shocked after a night out with the guys, because one of his mates had resorted to “little blue pills”. My boyfriend had tried to reassure his guy that it was probably a temporary thing. Not to stress about it and make sure it doesn’t become a self fulfilling prophecy. Yet I couldn’t help but point out that his guy friend might actually have a condition of limp dick and it’s not completely in the head. Maybe he could do with some food supplements instead of the chemical alternative? Maybe he should try. And maybe my boyfriend should come to terms that yes, these things do happen after a certain age and there are solutions.

Besides looking for solutions and identifying problems, it might be a good thing to approach our sexual health in the same way as we approach our overall physical health. We take multivitamins in order to not become ill. In just the same way, we might want to take lovers stimulans in order to not experience a dry spell in our relationship.

Streamlined process

Goachi has packaged the little capsules up in beautiful boxes and make it easy and effective to order online. I just did. Can expect my neat and anonymous little package in my letter box any time soon. How exciting! So I’ll do what I always try to do : research, test and report.

And I’ve only just gotten started. Did I mention postnatal depletion? This points to the fact that there’s an epidemic where many women, in particular, don’t feel well. And we all operate with this as status quo. “Of course I don’t feel well, I have 3 kids. Of course I don’t feel well, I have a stressful job. Of course I don’t feel well, I’m going through a divorce.” These are just the realities of being a modern woman: Many of us are raising kids in isolation, without a village of support; many of us are working more than fulltime jobs while still trying to make dinner and be good partners — and flagellating ourselves when we don’t do it all perfectly. These expectations are, in total, unrealistic, but here we are with them. At the very least, we believe that we can use science and technology and herbology to help address that delta and get us to optimal health.

My research over the coming weeks is for those of you who feel like your bodies and metabolisms have slowed down a bit with age; for the new moms and moms-to-be who have been totally depleted by pregnancy; and for those of you who have a lot of fight left — and want to keep it that way. If I remember correctly from my previous experiment, the love capsules also do wonders on backache. A nice side-effect I will put to the test.

— The universe (here and now)



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