Viking vs. Inca : 1-0

In June last year I gave birth to a little baby boy. He is perfect in every way.

  • Against all odds he turned out to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Now I definitely have strong Germanic roots, being a true blonde myself. But baby’s biological father is from Peru. Thus the genetic make-up hinted more to a hispanic looking baby. No sir, no brown babies for this one. A perfect little Viking, with hidden Inca roots. What a wonderful mix !
  • Against all odds I actually had a baby at age 40. Now this might sound as easy as 1-2-3. Yet you might not know that it took me years and many fertility treatments to have my other two beautiful babes. Obviously I was not the one who had a problem.
  • Against all odds I got pregnant. The situation is complicated, yet very simple. To make a long story short: my boyfriend is the baby’s godfather, not the biological father. You see, South-American culture seems to be a bit doubtful in terms of commitment and moral values, especially the men. But let’s not start the blaming game.

What I do believe in is encouraging strong, independent, working, single mothers.

— Bonheiden, Belgium (June 2016)


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I’m a strong, independant, working single mum and I enjoy making my way around the world with my 3 wonderful children. I live in Belgium and am originally from England. I work in online marketing, digital analytics and conversion optimization for financial institutions and many prestigious global companies as well as remote consulting to start-ups.

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