Beach please

A beach escape to tide you over

After the birth of my third child, I felt a need to spend some quality time with my babes to bond. So it was only natural that planning a beach getaway was at the top of my to-do list. The stylish yet understated coastal town of Cadzand in the Netherlands is a relatively quick drive from Belgium. It guarantees beached-out bliss. This is a place we like to get away to to warm up and unwind.

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Luxurious hotel & wellness

Luxury is our natural way of life. We stayed at Noordzee Hotel in Cadzand, which is packed with old-fashioned charm and incredibly friendly and chatty Dutch, who are more than happy to share the secrets for the best conch salad, where catch the sunset, and even, if you ask nicely, the most serene beach spots. All guests can access the dunes immediately off the hotel’s back terrace, adding to the hotel’s easygoing vibe. Cadzand is bustling almost all year round.


Walks in the nature reserve, het Zwin

Het Zwin, the nature reserve which hugs the southern end of Cadzand, is a good spot for families. It is great for daily afternoon trips as well as morning sealine excursions.


The sand beach

Cadzand is known for its beautiful sand beach, and while there are many ways to enjoy it, shark tooth hunting is perhaps one of the most special. My suggestion? Go at sunset when the sand has a pearly iridescent quality and have a glass of champagne on the beach before heading back to town for dinner.

The sand dunes

Descriptions of Cadzand’s sand dunes sometimes read more like a utopic scene. The Netherlands has an aggressive environmental agenda, reaching for zero emissions and “zero contamination”. This lets the focus remain on the stunning sea view and impeccably kept nature surroundings.

Windy days

Even in not so beautiful weather there is plenty to do with little ones. We had a great time flying our kites on the beach.

There is nothing more empowering for a mother than to spend her days out playing with her children. If you’re a woman who loves nature and seaside, then Cadzand is just the place meant for you.

— Cadzand, the Netherlands (July 2016)


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