She was 85 years of fierce

There are so many ways for a woman to go for it. From bold and blazing balls of public fire, like Margaret Thatcher or Madonna, to quieter but equally powerful ways, like my grandmother used to.

My grandmother was 85 years of fierce when she left us.
She used to rock at being a woman.
She aged gracefully.
She knew how to seize the day.
She taught us not to whine.
She told us to stay strong and sexy despite obstacles.
She showed us how to dance as if our life depended on it.
And she could flirt as if her life depended on it.

My grandad passed over 15 years before she did.
It took her a few years of recovery from that loss (they had been married for over 40 years).

My grandmother was amazing in many ways. In addition to a relentless urge to give, she had a relentless urge to grow. She was a talented cook and her home was always filled with delicious dishes that she created. She grew a significant crop of herbs and tomato plants in her garden.

Women are amazing.
No matter what our age, we all have a relentless urge to grow, to ascend, to take everyone in our world higher.

It is such an important legacy for women to not only live, but model for one another.

I hope my grandmother has inspired you a bit today. She continues to inspire me every day.

— The universe (here and now)



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