Don’t open this till morning

I set out today with my three littles, ànd their babysitter, on our new adventure. We are about to discover the benefits that can be found in a yoga retreat.

Managed to pack everything on time. Check. Left the house on time. Check. Got to the airport without any detours or delay. Check. Nobody’s perfect. Especially not this crazy woman. These are the things I need to do better – for next time, of course :

  • Learn to travel light. I say the babysitter’s tiny suitcase. And then my own 3 Goldilocks suitcases (sizes large, medium and small). Why do I think I need so much. Will only be gone for 5 days and it looks like I’m moving house. Think light.
  • Work out those arm and back muscles. At the airport, I divided the luggage between us so our whole team could pull together in getting luggage to the check-in. I was convinced the large case must way at least 30 kg as I was sweating and tugging at the case, with my rucksack on my back and my camera case over my shoulder. How disappointed I was when the large suitcase turned out to way no more than 16 kg. OK so it must have been the weight of my MacBook Air in my backpack, right ?
  • I’m a naturally born leader. Ahem. And I tend to boss people around. Anyway, after a few friendly airport personnel told me to calm down. I did. I smiled.

And now we have arrived at our destination : Floripa Surf & Yoga House, in Sicily. I can’t tell you what it looks like though. We got here after 20h. The Mediterranean turns dark just before 20h in spring. So it remains a mystery what our surroundings look like.

What I can tell you about our lodgings so far is this :

  • Staff is super friendly ! Everybody greeted us with a smile. And so helpful. We all immediately felt welcome, comfortable and in the holiday mood.
  • It smells wonderful. Special attention has been given to the aroma’s in each room. A true delight for the senses.
  • Activities galore. We are already planning what we are going to do tomorrow. Yoga class for me in the morning, and a Yin Yoga session to end the day. Marie-Lou, our babysitter, is interested in a Yoga creative workshop in the afternoon. The kids want to see the beach and can’t stop hassling Michael for Surf & Paddle lessons. Oh, and did I mention there are massage and beauty treatments to be booked ?

Can’t wait to unlock all the delights this retreat has in store for us !

— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)


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