Expand the borders of your education

Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves – Euripides


My friends know me well enough by now to understand the joke. I am a rain goddess. Whenever I go on vacation, wherever I go on vacation, I always take the weather with me. The clouds adore me. They honour my presence by showering me with continuous affection and rain. Happy wife, happy life – and a happy wife is a wet wife. Thank you very much.


The downpour isn’t ruining our vacation one bit. Being used to rainy weather, I always make sure we have rain coats and wooly jumpers with us. Sicily has been taking by storm since our arrival last night and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. To be fair, we can’t blame it. We are enjoying wonderful shades of light, making for stunning landscapes.


At Floripa Surf & Yoga House – bed and breakfast – the people here life an enviable way of life. Though I can’t completely adhere to a strict vegetarian way of life, I could definitely get used to a couple of hours of yoga every morning.


Eating humble pie

When our yoga instructor asked me this morning what level yogi I am, I was proud to announce I am intermediary level. She looked very impressed. All the much with the fact that I was a single mum traveling with 3 kids – well-behaved kids too, I have been told.


Anyway 15 minutes into class, I had to swallow my words. I don’t believe I’ve experienced yoga at this level yet. Granted it was the vigorous form of Vinyasa Prana Yoga, but still this really showed me up. Let’s see how I do with Yin Yoga this evening. The kids and babysitter are off doing a class of Kundalini Yoga right as we speak.


So essential tip if you’re to be going on a yoga retreat : just say you’re a beginner, even if you have 10 years of yoga experience. This is something else. What did you expect? These people breathe yoga. Do you need yoga ? Hell yes, just take a look at the smile on their faces. It’s worth it when you see the benefits yoga can bring your body and mind.

Downside : what’s the deal with the internet ? This casa does have wifi, but haven’t got it to perform properly on my Mac, having me resort to setting up a personal hotspot on my mobile. This is going to cost me. But well worth it !


To make up for it, they do have a wicked blend of coffee going at this Yoga House. Seems obvious, right? Normal coffee with a twist. Need to find out what it is and how I can make it at home !

  • Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)




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