Staying On Track While Writing The Story

I must say I am blessed to be traveling with my 3 wonderful children. And even more so to have my babysit on board during our adventure. Marie-Lou is a very interesting girl, holding a lot of creative and caring energies. She has an emphasis on relationships.

This is interesting as I always find that the major message is around the relationship with one self.

The main idea presented today during our yoga session was to take care of ourselves, define what we want for ourselves, to say no more often to some issues in our lives, and, to throw out things that are no longer working for us. For myself, this would translate into :

  1. Making time to do yoga and to meditate. And lose weight (so long dark chocolate, it’s time to break up).
  2. Be the best version of myself. Travel (more).
  3. It’s just not meant to be with certain people. Too bad, move on (though admittedly I keep looking back).
  4. Stop waiting for other people. Be it waiting for a business partner, a travel companion, or a fulltime partner. It’s not happening (or I don’t want it to). Let’s just get on with it.

Whether it’s relationships, possessions, ideas, habits, self-negating memories,… This yoga retreat is a major time of purging those things that hold us back. Now this is an interesting thought because sometimes it seems as though I do actually have it all in hand, but something is holding me back from committing to certain things in my life. But then when I examine that thought a little closer, it appears to be not completely true as the mutual commitment is lacking on the other side too. Curious.

So looking back at this evening’s Yin Yoga session at Floripa Yoga House, I am in the midst of analyzing, revising, rewriting and rewiring my attitudes towards relationships of all kinds. At times It feels like I’m a little blown off course, but the messages blowing in are gentle and allow me to adapt.

The message speaks loud and clear, though : “snag these writing opportunities”. And I do. Just love this creative expression.

— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)


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