Turn your yoga into stories

One of the things I haven’t reported on yet, are the people I have met here at Floripa. Wonderful, interesting, beautiful people. They are part of the whole experience and are contributing to making my yoga practice a whole lot stronger.

Yoga is in the details

Although yoga is practiced by both men and women, there tends to be a predominance of yin energy present in any class. Which is why I often experience my yoga sessions as a deep immersion in the sacred feminine heart. It’s a moment to live from the heart, to connect from the deep feminine essence, in sisterhood, in confidence and in love.

My yoga holiday is a completely different type of holiday than what I am accustomed to. Instead of a five star hotel, I have found a celebration of light and love, of complete healing, pampering, recharging and unloading in deep workshops and rituals.

Yoga is out of this world

What a beautiful start to the holiday, awakening and healing our sacred, feminine heart. To descend from our head into our heart, and from our heart into our body, to cleanse our feminine consciousness.

How to breakthrough with your yoga

Sometimes with yoga we get caught up in our own world. But it is just as important to connect with the people around us. After all, in our practice we are sharing our breath and vibration together.

Sweet, beautiful, strong women honouring the sacred feminine spirit.

And when I’ve had enough of all the voo-doo, I also really enjoy yoga because it’s yet another occasion to go shopping : a deep desire and need to revamp my yoga wardrobe J


PS the clouds are still honouring my presence in Sicily as global rain goddess. Whenever I dare set a foot outside, the clouds shower me with their attention and rain.


— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)



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