Yoga Your Way to Glowing Skin

Floripa Surf & Yoga House is a B&B offering Surf lessons, Yoga classes, bike rental and healing massages. Plus, they grow their own entirely organic, energy-boosting fruit and vegetables. The beach is only across the street and over the dunes. Need I say more?

I was truly excited to come here and have discovered a hidden treasure in the Mediterranean. So happy to be sharing part of the effect of yoga on your overall wellbeing.


Yoga is important

Yeah, so I’m doing this. Exercising my yoga daily. Even twice daily. Not really feeling any difference yet, but still loving some me-time in between the dynamic workouts I get from just running after my 3 kids all the time. Love that sport most of all.

Still yoga is supposed to keep your spine flexible. And a flexible spine is said to be key in delagying the effects of ageing. Not to mention the different ways in which yoga will benefit a scattered mind.


Paddle surfing

The older kids thought they should give that a go. And they loved it so much, I’m going to have to take them down to the beach for more paddling again tomorrow.

We actually had some sun today. Yet the clouds wouldn’t completely part with their rain goddess just yet. Maybe tomorrow…


Haven’t tried the bikes yet, but have a massage booked for tomorrow (does that count) ?

At any rate, spending your days outdoors, getting your blood circulating with daily yoga workouts and eating vegetarian most of the time, is bound to increase your beauty span. I would warmly recommend any woman over thirty to get their ripe old booty out to a yoga farm. Go and create yourself a connected, comfortable, happy and confident body !


— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)



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