Latin America is so ready for me


OK, so you might be a bit confused right now. Yes I’m still on my yoga retreat in Sicily. But as I’m a bit in a muddle about how to tell you about the rest of my experimental holiday, I thought I’d rather share my next big dream with you : visiting the best of Latin America.

Yes, I am so many days into my detoxing and very confrontational experience and am facing very soul searching questions such as : do I really like yoga ? why do I crave meat, chocolate and champagne so badly ? I really enjoy working on my laptop for my clients, even when I’m on vacation, is that really ok ? how much can I do as one single mum with three kids and do I really need a babysit ? I’m a difficult person to spend time with, I’ll admit that – now is that ok ?


My Latin American dream

I have traveled to Cuba some years ago, which was my only experience with Latin America, and I must say this was a life-changing experience. As I’m addicted to wanderlust and I just love all things vibrant, colourful and cultural, I am convinced my soul needs to see more of this magical continent.


It is essential that I get to Peru

I crave to explore the Amazon jungle, to wander the streets of Cuzco, to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and to visit Lake Titicaca. For those of you who have already discovered my most well-known secret : my youngest babe has Incan roots, which makes my calling to this part of the world a trip I need to make in the near future.

I have already started planning the this ceremonial voyage with the help of a sister Goddess, Veerle Phara (Declercq). This is a woman of strength, a woman to be reckoned with. Her light is turned on when she enters a room. She is the High Priesteress embodied right before you.


Scary ?

Many of my friends have declared me mad to want to go on such a journey with young children. Yet this is something I must do. Especially for my youngest who needs to be grounded somewhere near his roots. As he has never met his father of his paternal family, this is the closest next best thing I can do for him. So while many of my inner circle around me are afraid, my thinking goes that even those who frighten us are afraid. It’s no reason not to do it. On the contrary, fear is an indication you’re on to something good !


The art of knowing what you want and where you’re going

“Confidence is a skill, not a gift from the gods. It is a skill founded on a set of ideas about the world and our natural place within it. These ideas can be systematically studied and gradually learnt, so that the roots of excessive hesitancy and compliance can be overcome. We can school ourselves in the art of confidence”.

And in just the same way as you can school yourself in the art of confidence, you can coach yourself into any aspect we admire. We can become that person we really want to be.


Self discovery

Traveling, yoga, parenting… in my experience it all boils down to one and the same question we are all continuously asking ourselves : who am I ? As we are forever evolving, I encourage you to adopt the possibility to re-invent yourself. Whenever that is needed. Whenever you may feel stuck. Whenever you deeply desire a profound change. Go for it !

Floripa Surf & Yoga House, Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)





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