Alice in Wonderland, the Adventurous European

Besides soul searching for an answer to the question “who am I ?”, the second most saught after secret is “happiness”. But listen here, happiness is not a goal or a destination as you might want to think about it. Happiness is something you find along the way of reaching your other goals in life. There is only one purpose in life, and that is just like any other organism on this planet : continuing the species. Other than that, the universe wants nothing more for you than abundance, and that can be achieved by reaching your full potential. There, that’s all pretty simple and easy, now isn’t it ?

So 2 things to bear in mind :

  1. Stop living in the past and feeling your victimized pains over and over again. Inflicting the stigma on yourself. Stop it ! Instead, start thinking positively about your future for a change.
  2. Dream big. Then start taking tiny baby steps to make it happen !

Feel free and expand your mind ! Stop wondering about “your purpose” and “what on earth you’re meant to do” and “surely there is more than this”. I just pointed that out in a couple of simple sentences above. Now on to the fun stuff : dreaming big and achieving whatever you wish for !

We all have a special talent. Something we enjoy doing and which we do really well, better than others. We all have it and for each of us it is different. Some call it dharma, some call it a gift. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you put this talent to good use as that is what makes you unique and this is what will bring purpose and meaning to your life. Doing exactly that which you love doing. So go and do more of that. Or find new things which you love doing, and start doing lots of that too. Starting to see a happy picture ?

Back to Alice

— Lewis Carroll

Reality is structured consciousness

“Abundance is real. Lack is an illusion. Surrender is real. Holding on is an illusion. This moment is real. The past is an illusion.” — Deepak Chopra


— The universe (here and now)



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