Inhale – exhale


At beautiful green Parkheide Wandelbos

For the locals of Baal – Tremelo (Belgium), any zen enthusiast and nature lover will love exploring this lush wood with recreational opportunities. The domain is only 7 ha so the experience is petite, yet qualitative. Besides walking and cycling in the area, you can also go there to play tennis or a game of petanque. My children always enjoy the playground. I love making time every weekend for a walk out in nature as I found this largely benefits meditation and mindfulness.

My trio of babes enjoys the wild outdoors and the plants to be found there. Whole foods can be found at the brasserie, which is bathed in the peace of the surrounding wood. This is a distinct place of relaxation where you can eat well and enjoy an afternoon with your kids and their friends. The tennis courts and playground which border the woods are enough fun and action to experience after a leisurely walk.


Magic is not something you can buy. It’s the experience which you create yourself and then take home when you join together with your littles for a walk. Parkheide Wandelbos is open both summer and winter. The menu is certainly worthwhile to discover the suggestions.

Before you go

What can go wrong in this beautiful experience ?

  1. Parkheide Wandelbos is very popular among the local community and on days of good weather, everybody wll want to sit out on the terrace meaning you won’t find a seat.
  2. In the winter, there are only limited numbers of chairs and tables set out on the terrace, and you will be grounded by personnel if you pull out a spare chair or table for yourself.
  3. The personnel is not friendly and probably doesn’t believe they have to be as the brasserie is so popular. Besides being grounded as stated above (2), personnel might also ignore you if you want to order, because they have too many clients to choose from anyway. If you don’t go there, there are plenty of other people lining up for a table (1).


If you manage to put your ego aside and do it for the pleasure of your children, you will enjoy a wonderful afternoon at Parkheide Wandelbos. So if the waiters are obnoxious, just inhale, exhale and smile.

PS the guy in the picture holding my youngest babe is so totally not my boyfriend.

Parkheide Wandelbos, Baal (Tremelo), Belgium (March 2017)



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