Dreaming of Mama Qocha

Whilst on my yoga retreat in Sicily, I was already dreaming about my next travel adventure. My desire started manifesting as I realized that I already knew a very gifted woman, Veerle who organizes ceremonial tours through the Andes for women. I felt my soul calling for Peru and with that the Nusta answered.

Ñustas are women who in the Inca Empire were chosen to for special positions like princess, priestess, queen or consort. They were trained on the Moon Island, Isla de la Luna, the female island located in Lake Titicaca, next to the Isla del Sol. As children of the light, they lived in close connection with the Great Cosmic Mother, the Seven Stars (sisters) of the Pleiades and the sacred energy flowing through the universe.

Today they are the guardians of Ñustas to Pacha Mama – Mother Earth- and Mama Qocha – Great Mother Ocean. As bearers of light they are shamans who create a bridge between the world of form and the energetic world.


The Ñustas path is calling

I spent Good Friday lunchtime with my good friend and talented photographer, Marta Hurtado, having a wholesome healthy lunch at Pain Quotidien on Avenue Louise in Brussels, discussing all things of life and beyond. She asked me about my new travel plans and encouraged me to elaborate the dream.

So right now I am dreaming of an an intense and transformative journey on the path of the Ñusta. So many things I long to see, Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. My children as always are part of my dreams. Such an amazing journey awaits us.

Ditch the mundane for the dream

Nothing says adventure like spending your days exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas with a gentle breeze through your hair and sunshine on your skin.

— Brussels, Belgium (April 2017)



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