Mother – daughter happiness

A few weeks ago, my beautiful daughter Lilly was ill with an ear infection. The doctor advised she should stay at home to rest. Being a self-employed consultant and a dedicated mom, I decided to work from home whilst minding my daughter back to health and happiness.

Yet although my darling Lilly was suffering from terrible ear ache, she was so happy just to be at home, do nothing all day and spend her time around me. After all, isn’t mommy the best medicine in this world ? Which got me thinking about what happiness is all about. Clearly my daughter was happy to be able to spend a few days at home alone with just me.

Happiness, it can happen

Haven’t we all wondered how we can live with greater happiness ? My life is easy. As is that of most of my girlfriends. Yet they first need it pointing out. The ease and luxury that surrounds them.

What I have learned from the masters :

  • Happiness is a setting in the brain that you are born with. The button is set to either positive – the cup half full – or to negative – the cup half empty.
  • Yet happiness isn’t a black or white concept. You have to deal with the reality of the cup. Be thankful for the cup half ful. And be appreciative of the cup half empty. It was delicious, the part that has already been drunken. It gives space for a refill. It takes both rain and sunshine to create a rainbow.
  • You can train your brain to feel loved, to be compassionate and thankful.

Happiness is a learnable skill

It is absolutely possible for each and every one of us to discover this for ourselves. Happiness is about eating mangoes naked, and learning to dance with the pits. After all, the benefits are there for your family, the community around you, and our world at large.

So having observed that my Lilly is in fact a happy creature by nature, always joyful and full of creativity, I got pondering on the second part of my observation : how come mommy is always the best medicine in this world ?


Healing mother energy

Mother energy is in fact the sacred feminine. It is acknowledging being part of sisterhood. It is putting a stop to the dangerous and harmful green-eyed monster and letting women pull together with other women. As women, we need to be conscious of the way we talk to ourselves, to each other and especially about each other. The gossip, setting the moral standards – and best of all, not living up to them ourselves. How easy to judge another woman when you yourself have done acts of wife-swapping or have spent dirty moments “talking” in the garage ?

It is time for an evolution of the social programming of our children. I find it important to support my daughter as she develops. I want her to fully understand her power and potential in this world. Why if most women only understood the power they hold over men, we would be re-establishing many power struggles in the home.

It is also about transforming how we talk to our sons, the young boys who will grow up to court our daughters. How do we want them to treat women ? What is it okay for them to do, and what not ?


Mother energy carries an opportunity for healing and transformation. As mothers we would of course prefer for our children not to suffer. But such is the way of the world. We cannot stop bad things from happening. Unfortunately as mothers we cannot remove or fix the traumas and scars from our children. It has not been intended this way. Each soul has their own journey, their own story to be lived.

Mother energy is healing in that sense that it helps in the transformation process itself. We slowly guide our children to develop healthy relationships and to deal with the difficulties which life throws our way. If done correctly and mindfully, our mother energy is healing and no longer a controlling factor.

Live your life in peace and happiness.

— Tremelo, Belgium (March 2017)




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