Earthing : Walking Barefoot

The first time I encountered the idea of walking barefoot in the grass was in the movie Pretty Woman when Richard Gere walked barefoot in a park towards the end of the movie. This was his way of trying to figure out who he was and what he wanted out of life. This was his way of thinking seriously about himself, what he wanted and possibly connecting to himself.

Two years ago I attended Ostara, the yearly women’s festival, where we were encouraged to dance barefoot in the park, to stamp out our frustrations and receive back energy from Mother earth.

Last time I talked about the subject was just a few weeks ago, when I was out on our weekly Friday lunch with my beautiful friend Marta. She was telling me all about her daily meditations out in the woods. She likes to walk barefoot as she enters the forest. This little ritual helps her get in touch with nature before she settles down under a tree for an hour of truly blissful meditation.

When was the last time you walked barefoot in the grass ?

So I decided it was time to test this out for good. I’ve started grounding my feet daily in my back garden, usually about an hour or so before I go to sleep. I love the way the earth feels cool below my feet, how the grass is soft. I am surprised by my own hesitation, scared of getting hurt or stung by some hidden insect.

Humans have been walking barefoot for centuries. Only recently have we all clad our footsies and forgotten what it is like to be in touch with the earth. Feel the earth move beneath our feet. Keep both feet on the ground. Put our foot down. So many collective memories.

Today I took off with my 3 kids to reconnect with Mother Earth. To be honest, my littles looked at me rather puzzled when I asked them to take off their shoes and to walk around barefoot. But they gave it a try, my daughter more hesitant than her older brother. The baby found the entire experience very curious. For him there was more than feeling the grass under his little feet. There were flowers to pick and leaves to eat.


Keep it simple

I think the best advise I have ever encountered is to keep it simple. Earthing can be done daily by just going out into nature, your garden, the park, wherever and taking your shoes off. That’s the whole point in earthing. It’s being outside in contact with Mother Earth.

Now please explain to me how it is possible to make a commerce out of this, to sell electrical earth mats. As if there is no way you could possibly find 5 minutes to get your feet dirty… outside. Really ? If you bought a mat, really I think you’re missing the point. Please stamp on it as you would if performing a tribal dance. Hopefully you break the stupid mat and you decide to just go outside anyway.

My kids experience

When I asked my children what they thought of having their feet touch the ground, they qualified the experience as :

  • fun
  • tickling
  • cool
  • soft
  • relaxing

 Sole to soul

Feet are the small areas of our bodies that touch the earth and when we touch it sole to soul there is much we can experience and meditate upon. When was the last time you walked barefoot upon the earth and did you feel the earth’s soul through your soles?

— Tremelo, Belgium (April 2017)



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