The moon is mean

Last week saw a beautiful full moon. I just love moon gazing. It’s so inspiring. Right now I love nothing better than stepping outside each evening, planting my feet firmly in the grass to earth myself, and then lift my eyes up to the night sky. Life is amazing !

And so amazing is the effect the moon can have on your life. Now the full moon is known to throw light on the shadows. To bring out that which has been hiding away shyly. To bring projects to fruition. It is a time for joy and celebration. For projects to come full circle.

Recent events following the full moon have put me in a momentary reflection. Two aspects grounded me :

  1. How we lie to ourselves, and why.
  2. How to get what you want, and faster.


How we lie to ourselves

Now lying is a mechanism which in the first place is to protect ourselves from unbearable truths. We lie to others because it is towards ourselves in the first place that we find it hard to admit the truth about reality. This is how people start living in la-la-land. Stop it. Come back into the light. Speak clear language and face reality. This is where true happiness can be found.

What do we lie about :

  • Things we find hard to change : our jobs – I do nothing but lick envelopes, our relationships, our friendships, our health – I eat low fat to reduce my cholesterol, our habits and our ideas – I’m a pacifist.
  • Things we consider abnormal about ourselves but we would rather die than have anybody else finding out about our little quirks. I’m thinking of peculiar things we might love, hate and all those kind of deviant thoughts.
  • Things we want to have but are lacking. Not having those things make us feel inadequate.
  • Because we’re angry with people we’re supposed to love, but the reason we’re really angry about is so stupid, we can’t publically admit it.

You see from the list above that speaking the truth is actually a treacherous and dangerous thing to do as it seems to threaten our sense of self. Or more likely it threatens to remove the social masks we have built up. Lest anyone catch a glimpse of our true selves. Some people go to huge lengths of deception and manipulation to cover up their lies.


Back into the light

Happiness is found in reality. And getting what you want only occurs in moments of truth and honesty. What’s the secret recipe to counter the shadows above :

  • Acknowledge, praise, worship and appreciate all aspects of yourself and your life, just as they are right now. It is only from this place of acceptance that change can occur.
  • Stop criticizing others. You’re just pointing out your own failings and hoping nobody sees them. Take your time doing whatever it is your doing. Be mindfully in each moment. Don’t yell at people. And don’t ignore your inner voice.
  • Take your power back. Own your emotions. End of story.
  • Take your time to do what you’re doing. Make time to do more of what you like doing. Do everything for good reasons, not out of spite.

This might all sound a lot of hoo-doo, but I can assure you that you don’t need to struggle and to argue to get where you want to be. Or to be who you want to be. You cannot change your true inner being, because your true self is unchanging. Your true self just is you. Start loving yourself and watch yourself reach that full potential.

Bottom line is : your kids will love you even more for being a happy mommy.

— The universe (here and now)




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