Fairytale castle of King Arthur

I love watching my children play out their fantasy world. My daughter Lilly twirls in a glittery dress and tiara, then helps her brother Winston to tussle with fire-breathing dragons. To continue feeding my littles’ imagination I love to visit the storybook castles and to show my darlings that it really does exist. These enchanted landscapes prove fertile for delicious long walks. Camelot Castle, King Arthur and his knights of the round table, the Wizard Merlin… to name but a few elements of mythology which still live up to my fairytale fantasies.


The location of Camelot has been the subject of significant debate. We set out some years ago with our babes to discover the true site of the fort and its famous round table. Tintagel in Cornwall, is home to the Camelot Castle hotel, which neighbours some impressive ruins. These ruins are potential candidates for being the real thing. In any case, having been to the end of the world to visit Camelot Castle and it’s ruins, I would sincerely love to believe it is. To reinforce this assumption, there was a Dark Ages palace in Tintagel – also the rumoured birthplace of the famous King.

Whether King Arthur actually existed remains a matter of dispute. Some people suggest the legendary figure may be based on a number of real-life British rulers merged in to one while others say the legend is likely to be based on a real king.


Situated on a cliff bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Camelot Caslte hotel is grand, romantic, and as close as you can get to a real “a once upon a time” experience. The estate is open to visitors and hosts cultural and artistic events, with a restaurants, a bed-and-breakfast, Camelot Castle ruins and seashore caves, and demonstrations.


— Camelot Castle, Tintagel, United Kingdom (May 2010)


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