A journey to inner paradise


Recently I attended this special meditation session at our local private spa, Time Tremelo. The meditation session was called a “sound bath”. Bathing in the sounds of the singing bowls I found myself flowing in gratitude and remembrance, enlightenment and entry into Nirvana. Meditation was guided by Jozef Drum starting out with quiet contemplation, ancient Tibetan bowls and essential oils, to bring us into a state of inner calm and peace. As I dwelled my inner realms? I harnessed the lunar energy to support my inner journey. Just before drifting completely into my inner voyage, I regretted to have forgotten to bring my crystals along to meditate with. Next time ! 

Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.

The moment Jozef started playing his instruments, his music took me on a journey into the richness of my inner world. When you look inwards, this is when you will find your true self. It’s the observer who watches your whole life. This witness is the most sacred part of yourself. Open up to the magic which lies within the enchanted part of yourself. Only you can open this door.

Allow yourself to be lead on a journey; on a quest to be embraced by nature. You will bask in the energies of the forest, as it gently massages your five senses; unravelling, clearing and then weaving them carefully back together, bringing your mind, body and spirit into a state of peace and calmness. This unity of the senses, initiates the opening of the 6th sense; like a lotus divine, to expand, explore and remember.

Meditation is a journey of healing. It is a time to be creative, intuitive, spontaneous; a time for you to listen to the whispers of your heart and distill from it what is truly important.

Meditation for me is a time to just soak up the healing energies of hidden inner paradise. It is a time to listen to the wisdom of the land and the tales of the trees. It is a time to walk along the many paths within that lead inward toward the secret chamber of my heart; watching the sounds turn into colour at play, breathing in the crisp evening air while it clears my mind.

My imagination runs wild when I close my eyes and drift away on the soft music of the singing bowls. I envision I’m surrounded by nature’s orchestra; from the hum of the cicadas, and the rhythmic gushing of the river, to the rustling of the leaves as the wind embraces the trees.

Allow yourself to be guided through water and fire, to cleanse and purify old thoughts and patterns.


Receive healing. Ease away all tension and knots in the body.

During meditation, you will be gifted the following or more:

  • Practical solutions to your life’s difficult challenges;
  • Solutions on how to end vicious cycles;
  • Causes and solutions to break negative habits and obsessions
  • Receive deep healing for your physical and emotional levels
  • Helps you to move away from the past and into the Now!
  • Bring in more of your soul essence so that you can experience wholeness
  • Receive healing energies and blessings of abundance and unconditional love

Collective meditation sessions are usually exclusive to only 10 participants.

You will benefit most from meditation:

  • If you have been feeling exhausted or drained by your daily routine, meditation will recharge you from the inside out;
  • If you desire to connect with other like-minded individuals, receive support and talk freely without being judged;
  • If you have the desire to have a spiritual experience, want to make time for yourself, far from the structure of daily routine;
  • If you have tried conventional healing methods, and would instead like to try spiritual healing;
  • If you believe that taking time out of your daily life should be about nurturing the inner self through relaxation, good company, and quiet contemplation and coming back home feeling rested & rejuvenated;

What you will get from a guided meditation:

  • Calmer mind, more relaxed body;
  • More insight & clarity;
  • Energetic healing of physical & emotional body;
  • Connection with other like-minded individuals.


Jozef Drum is a certified sound therapy practitioner and meditation teacher at Tuning Frequencies with his accomplice Judith Lamboo. Tuning Frequencies invites you to sink into the sounds of crystal singing bowls, and feel their calming effect at a cellular level.

— Tremelo, Belgium (April 2017)



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