Trying to quit being a victim ?

I just love being successful. Not only in my world (I’m the bestest, coolest, loveliest mom ever ever), but also in the world at large. In fact, I believe the world should see more of my divine light and bask in the goodness. OK, now that’s taking it a bit too far, right *smile*. Seriously though, as a kid, I used to dream big. So why dim your light when you grow up. Nah, I’m letting my light grow with me.

I know I’m a success because I have all the things which I have been taught show that I am indeed successful :

  • I have the guy (yes yes yes).
  • I have the babies – multiple adorable little versions all more perfect than myself in every way.
  • I’ve got the job – my career rocks, I am one of the leading digital analysts in Belgium, and I haven’t finished yet.
  • I have the salary – yup, the big bucks come rolling in at the end of every month, paying for that large house with swimming pool and also the trips round the world and the prada shoes.
  • The waist size… eurhm, still working on that one, which is all about priorities : the carrot or the chocolate, the waist size or my mental sanity?

You know what ? You’ve got the perfect life too, you just don’t realize it yet. But you do. Just look at the legend you are playing. Personally, I am Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, I am Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, I am Anne of Green Gables and I am Alice in Wonderland. Fierce huh *smile*

The grass is always greener

As long as we come from a place of green jealousy, we are constantly living inside judgment, judgment, judgment. Judgment of what we have, or haven’t, accomplished. Judgment on top of judgment, finding ourselves additionally wrong because no matter how hard we have worked, we don’t have any joy!

What does the Heroine’s Journey look like, and how can you unfold your legend?

  • Use your desire as your internal compass. You don’t have just one linear goal in life but many many delicious desires. Big juicy dreams to go after.
  • If it’s not fun, don’t do it. That’s always been my motto. I’ll say yes to any opportunity as long as I can answer one short question before I embark on the journey : will it be fun ?
  • Your network is important. Make sure you are constantly surrounded by your support group, your sisterhood, your community, your special people. Yes you’re strong and you can do it alone, but you’ll have more fun when doing it with others around.
  • It’s great to give, but even greater to receive. Be open to receiving. Allow other people to give you things. If you’re a woman then it’s normal, men are supposed to give you stuff *smile*
  • I am thankful for all I have and for all I have achieved. Life is a miracle. I am a perfect divine creature. I am so thankful for my life and all and everything in it.

The Heroine takes a huge leap of faith – she chooses to be the author of her own storyline, rather than the victim. Living as heroine, every day, is a real mind-bender, I know, because nothing has shown us how or what it really looks like.

Begin to re-write your story, with you as the Heroine!

— Brussels, Belgium (May 2017)



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