Clairvoyant reading

I hesitated a long moment before writing this post. Then decided it had to be put out there. Before dying my grandmother had asked me to tell her story after she would pass away. Unfortunately, I know only brief anecdotes of her full and adventurous existence. However I do know my own story well enough and believe to be able to convey her life learnings through my own.

But that is not what this post is about. I recently went for a clairvoyant reading. It was an experience which turned me inside out, chilling to the bone. To be honest, even if the experience were to be seen purely as symbolic more than actually channeling the dead, it was still a feeling of drawing aside two dark curtains that had previously closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.

I am currently at a moment in my life where I am at a cross-roads and deciding in which direction I desire to take my activities. For some time now I have been wanting to go down a different pathway, or to combine several aspects of my life to have a more holistic approach to work and home. Whenever you are faced with the need to change, you must first do some spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new. This can only be achieved by allowing your negative beliefs and childhood stories to resurface, observe these without suppressing them or running away, and then finally letting the negative energy dissolve. It’s a process we all have to go to when starting a new cycle.

So I approached the clairvoyant with a head full of questions. Or so I thought. To my surprise the first thing she told me was that she didn’t want to hear any of my stories but that she wanted clear questions. And that took me aback. I had imagined I would first explain the entire situation to her and then expose the questions and blocking problems I was encountering. I had never thought of condensing all that into a few simple questions.

The symbolism in this formulation forced me to re-think the issues at hand. And by doing so it empowered me to draw aside confusion and obstructions that were impeding my vision. My questions, so I found, immediately made me realise where I could be right now or where I could be heading.

To venture down new pathways or to investigate new possibilities requires a grand leap of faith and overcoming your fears. It is a process well worth it. When you actually muster up the courage to venture down this path the universe will flow there were your focus lies, enlarging new perspectives opening up to you. But I am becoming cryptic in my explanation. Back to the clairvoyant stuff.

After having stated my question, I was asked to lie down at which point the clairvoyant placed her two hands on me and started channeling the energy surrounding me. She called upon the mysteries that are shielded from our view. It was an invitation for communication with the unknown. She was in fact listening to the language only the heart can speak.

The experience was deeply soul touching it felt as intimate as undressing. To make a long story short, I was visually guided in being shown the secrets which had been kept from me surrounding my family and parents. How they had lived, the dark secrets they had kept, the true picture of how they had felt and the truth about how others had experienced them in this lifetime. At the end of the seance we parted our ways gracefully, each being continuing in separate directions. Such a feeling of peace and a weight lifted from my shoulders. For the responsibilities had been put back with the person with whom they belonged. Not my burdens to carry. Not my secrets to tell.


Again, what is the actual worth and truth in this experience, if it were not for the symbolism alone? It was well worth the while, and I would recommend to anyone who has an openness to the other side. If not, it makes a great tale to tell your friends, for what it’s worth.

— Leuven, Belgium (May 2017)



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