Welcome to Meditation, you’ll like it here

Meditation is a practise I like to recommend to anyone who comes to me with a troubled mind. And believe me, loads of people out there are beating themselves up for not achieving this or that, or not being good enough in their own eyes. Stop it ! It’s time we showed some kindness, in the first place to ourselves. Meditation is a beautiful gift we can use to honour ourselves. Nothing is more attractive than the feeling of being with someone who exudes peace of mind.


Meditation is a state best achieved in a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. So choose your spot wisely. If you meditate at home, either you have a relaxing den where you are certain you will not be disturbed. This can be inside in your house, but great benefits also for meditation outside. Again the key to profound relaxation can be found in a place where you feel comfortable and safe.


Meditation can be done at any time of day whenever you feel a need for it, or if you have found some quality me-time. However, a regular practise is most beneficial for your mind, especially if you can meditate several times a week. First thing in the morning, or in the evening are your prime moments.


Find your most comfortable position. This can be lying down in Savasana pose, or sitting up – cross-legged, back against the wall, hands loosely on the knees. Whatever feels good for you goes. Just make sure that your spine is straight so that the energy can circulate freely. You don’t want to be slouching.

Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. Deep breaths in and out will calm down the rhythm of your body and also your mind. Focusing your mind on the sound of your breath will help you to become centred and to deepen your practise.

Now let go. This is the moment you are supposed to think of nothing. This is the moment when most people feel overwhelmed and want to abandon practise. Because how do you achieve nothingness ?

Tips and tricks

  1. Allow your thoughts to float up like leaves being blown up in the warm wind, but don’t grasp any individual thought. Just let them pass. You might notice at first that you do start to think about a certain subject as it pops up. That’s ok, we all do it. The trick is to just let it go the moment you realise you actually started to ponder on a certain thought. Some of my best ideas come to me in this state. It was already there deep inside of me, the answer to my questions. You already hold all the answers, you already know which path is best for you. Just let it come to you. It will eventually.
  2. Express gratitude. Another practise I have been taught by my friend Marta, is to call each and every person I know in my mind’s eye and to thank them for being part of your life and wish them well. Start with the people in your inner circle. For me, that’s my children and my partner. I will call their names and bless them, thank them for being part of my life, for being so amazing. I also include our pet cat, as he is part of our family and brings joy to our home. As I send love to each person, I visualise a ball of light I am holding in my hands. This energy becomes bigger and brighter as I keep sending out my love. Next I will call upon the children of my partner, his parents, the fathers of my children, their partners, their parents. After that I continue to enlarge my circle to friends and family and anyone whom I met that day. I will finally end my practise by thanking even people I don’t know. By that time my energy heart is huge, a ball of lights all interconnected. So beautiful. I then release this back out to the universe and watch it float up and out. This is my way of paying it forward. Give it a try, you might be amazed.
  3. There are several guided meditations I can recommend you try. This is personal and what works for me might not work for you. You have to find a voice and style which suits you. Find out if it’s male or female, or just a certain vibration. Some meditation apps are just music or nature sounds. Again whatever works for you is good here.

Guided meditations

Things I love listening to and which totally do it for me :

  • Lilian Eden : her voice is soft and deep. Her words manage to carry me to places belonging to my imagination. Places where I can heal.
  • Deepak Chopra : this man is a godsend. He has several apps you can find on the AppStores, on Youtube and a website. I also recommend his audio books. Fantastic. Do try as it will change your inner core and strengthen your sanity.
  • Group meditations. Now this is something else because when you meditate in a group, you eventually all start vibrating on the same channel which makes your entire practise so much stronger. In my hometown Keerbergen, there is a wonderful lady called Jeanine who guides us. Furthermore I enjoy healing sound meditations by Jozef Drum.

If you are able to maintain this habit by meditating for 20 to 30 minutes daily, you will be able to face life with peace and spiritual strength. Your mind will likely become calmer and more  focused.

— Mechelen, Belgium (May 2017)




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