Dharma will do the Job

Every two weeks I like to have my nails done. I find it important to show impeccably manicured hands. Even better if the colours are trendy and daring, with a dash of glam and glitter. My nails are taken care of by this amazing woman I am blessed to know: Nisha. Would you believe this lady holds two jobs! The spare time she does have, she spends on training her skills to become an established and independant nail stylist.


I admire Nisha’s drive to keep going at two jobs which allow her to save a substantial amount of money each month. And to follow her heart towards her dream career. You see, Nisha has a vision of what she wants and an idea of how she wants to get there. What’s even better is that Nisha has her priorities and desires aligned allowing her to move towards career and financial growth.

On a conscious level this got me thinking about the concept of financial freedom and how we often have a fascinating tendency to allow self-sabotaging blocks from our childhood to prevent us from tapping into the abundance the universe has to offer. Good news though, chums, it is easy to redirect your life energy in the right direction. The clue is : the energy of the universe flows there were your focus goes.

Feminine genius

What I enjoy the most of talking with my entrepreneurial girlfriends is that we inspire each other. Words of wisdom are shared kindly. We are there motivating each other. We can all tap into the innate intuitive power available to all women. Your support group of “power women” can be a source of strength and insight in dark times, a window into your true desires and motivations, and a potent way to relate to other women beyond competition or comparison.

We gather and talk to make each other better. As empowered women we don’t fall for the trap of jealousy or competing with other women. That only leads to bitterness (doesn’t it mother ? 😉

Allowing abundance

Abundance and freedom come naturally when you are in a state of allowing. Being an empowered woman means you’re no victim, nor are you a bully. You are a woman glorious in her own right and you take your life into your hands. You take complete responsibility for who you are and where you are going in life.

This year I have decided to dedicate to further developing myself both on the inside as on the outside. Not only have I taken action to enhance my natural beauty (yoga being a soft practise to this end), but I have also enrolled in a couple of creative mindful workshops which aim to bridge the rift between ourselves and our imagination. My ultimate desire for myself in 2017 is to polish up on my soft skills.

And I love it ! I adore relaxing into exploring my creative mind and…coax it back from where it may have been stranded, forgotten or lost. Essentially I am focusing on yoga, meditation, NLP, voice training, body language, presentation skills and mindfulness. Bringing more awareness to every moment of your day will help you to observe how your mind and body flourishes when you’re relaxed.

Approaching everything with an open mind. Remain open to the flow of abundance, and keep up the good work. Work hard, play hard !

— Tremelo, Belgium (May 2017)



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