The perfect parent’s playground

Bank holiday, hot sunny weather and nothing to do? Sounds like a stroll down to the local playground. Parkheide, we’ve been here before and we are big fans of the place. Laid back vibes and refreshing drinks for chilled-out parents in search of the chillax way of life. The overhanging trees from the surrounding wooded area bring shade and tranquility whilst the kids climb the play frame for thrill-seekers. Baby adores playing in the sand, discovering new textures and tasting… nah sand doesn’t taste as good as it touches. On a bank holiday you can be anything you want to be… and so much more.


Guess what, mothers of the world, you’re all sexy !

The luxury of having a day off to spend leisurely with the ones you love, is being able to mind surf and explore different thoughts and ideas. One of the things I have been struggling with lately is feeling sexy. Not being sexy, because obviously I am still a very hot female. But it’s the feeling I’m talking about. Going over several blogs and some very hilarious vlogs, I am relieved to discover I am not the only one. Apparently the feeling of being no more than a mom blob is common for mothers with very small children. The good news being that it won’t last. Just keep taking care of yourself. Make time for the manicure, the hairdresser, the yoga lesson, the meditation session, the HIIT workout session and a refreshing swim in the pool…


Don’t feel guilty about your quality me-time

There is one thing women are really good at and it seems to be a collective trait. We tend to feel guilty about relaxing. Or about taking out an hour here and there just for ourselves. You did what?! You relaxed in the sofa for an hour doing nothing? Absolutely nothing? Now that’s daring. I always seem to feel that I have to be doing something. Preferably something constructive. Now I find watching TV and surfing the internet to be completely boring and mind killing. So any free time will be filled with targeted research or reading a good book, learning something new or working out. The question is: how much time to you need as a mother, as a woman, just for yourself? How much time can you “afford” to attribute to yourself without feeling guilty? It’s all a question of striking the right balance between your children, your partner, your career and your hobbies.


Satisfy your lust

Whatever it is that makes you happy, it is important you do more of that. Because a happy mother equals a happy home. There is truth in the saying: happy wife, happy life. When mother is happy, then all is good in the world. I mean really, if you stop and think about it for a moment it does make sense. You can only give the best to your children, if you yourself have been taken care of. When your needs are being met, you can give to your partner and be totally productive at your work. When you’re achieving your highest potential, you can develop yourself and inspire others around you to also live their most happiest life possible. The best gift you can give your littles, is to be a happy mommy example.


Deciding what’s right for you and your family

Sometimes I think we get so busy with preparing dinner, making homework, designing ads, marketing campaigns, or the dashboards for digital products – this is what my job largely looks like –  that we forget to stop and think about whether our lives are satisfying and meaningful. And if you do stop to think about your heart’s compass you might not even know where you stand on the question, “Is what I am doing bringing joy to me and my family”? What does joy mean in our fast paced, single parent world? In no way do I pretend to hold all the answers to life’s questions. These are the topics I love discussing with my boyfriend on a lazy sunny day whilst the children are playing.

Learn to say yes to the good things in life. To the things you really want. If you focus all your energy on the good stuff, instead of on the problems, only more of that goodness will come your way. When you realise that there is nothing you really need to do today, there is no problem you need to fix, no partner you need to change… just simply be in the present moment. Go with the flow. Say yes. Smile. It’s easy and it feels so good.

— Parkheide, Tremelo, Belgium (May 2017)


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