Going to be famous

Last Friday I attended a workshop on how to use your voice. For me 2017 is all about enhancing my soft skills and becoming the best possible version of myself. Soft skills have up till now be highly undervalued and incorrectly so. How can you expect to be successful if you cannot bring across your message in a convincing way? Does being convincing equal being tough and head biting? If you don’t act all rough, does that mean you’re a doormat? To be discovered, I challenge you.

Anyhow the coach, Marleen Devisch, was this lovely lady who has lots of experience in theater work. She instantly made me feel at ease and curious to discover more on a topic I knew absolutely nothing about.

Becoming part of the transformation

One of the first questions she asked me baffled me. She wanted to know what kind of voice culture I came from. Family wise, she meant. I told her my family had no voice. We never talked. I learned to talk much later on in life when I left home to get married. I had been surprised as a teenager to go to my friends’ houses and to discover that people sat down together at the table to eat and to talk. And even more daring, there were also households who told jokes at the table and who shared laughter. This was unknown territory for me.

I never witnessed my parents talking apart from “have you bought bread?” and “did you take the bins outside?” I stress the word ‘witness’ here because my parents would often retreat to the dark and gloomy garage to ‘talk’. Children were then deprived access to the garage because they were ‘talking’. Very strange indeed…

Self-made woman

As the day progressed my coach grew more and more enthralled. She was astounded about what I had accomplished in life, against all odds. She described me as a profound story teller. Someone full of fire. Bright, witty, funny and intelligent. And she urged me to tell my story to the world, because it will be an inspiration to so many women who think they can’t or mustn’t or shouldn’t. I am the living proof that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to as long as you believe.

This blog has been an eye opener for me. So many women have approached me, encouraging me for my writing style. Or how I have inspired them to do more. Be more. Want more. It doesn’t matter which mud pit you have been born into. There is a way out.

Start small, think big

As a first step I have contacted a well-known Belgian writer who will guide me in writing my life story. To bring my message to the world. There are so many things the women of our time need to hear and to live. It is time to step out of the shadows you have been pushed into and back into the light.

Who knows what will be next? A film maybe… Can you imagine: my story, my book, my film… I’ll be living of royalties. Will be able to do nothing all day but lie by my pool and go shopping. LOL, getting slightly carried away here, but hey: start small, think big. Going to need a Cruella de Vil type of actress to play the mom-ster. How exciting! And how wonderful when you approach the world with an open mind and open heart. Learn to say YES to the opportunities of abundance which are flowing your way.

— Rotselaar, Belgium (May 2017)



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