Naughty or nice

Telling your side of the story is not the same as smearing a person. In fact, the two sides to any story should highlight the naughty ànd the nice side. Can you even imagine how malicious lies can turn somebody’s life upside down? Being demeaning and putting somebody down isn’t just making it to Santa’s naughty list. It’s hoping that karma doesn’t catch up with you. Because it will. The wheel turns. Beware.

It has been my experience that true happiness can only be found by living in accordance with your inner values. Does this mean I claim to live like a saint? Hell no! I make my fair amount of mistakes and I own them by taking responsibility for my actions. He or she who is without fault, throw the first rock.

Be nice to yourself

Watch out for that inner voice. Make sure you use loving and soothing words towards yourself. You are good enough and you are certainly very worthy of love. It is okay to make mistakes. Especially when you notice that you are still very lovable despite the fact that you fell. Get back up again.

Nourish your body. Eat fresh vegetables. Get enough sleep. Get yourself some fresh air. Do a hobby. Do whatever makes you happy. Allow yourself to become the best version of yourself. Aim to live your happiest possible life.

Be nice to others

Value your partner. Walk side by side as equals. Love freely. Be generous. Make him feel like the king in his world. Allow yourself to be his queen.

Treat people with respect. Being nasty to the waiter in a restaurant doesn’t make you funny, it makes you a bad person. Don’t go around demeaning people you esteem lesser than yourself. Such behaviour is not very becoming. If you cannot exhibit good manners, people will just prefer not to be seen with you in public.

Be kind and loving and encouraging with everyone who surrounds you. Relax into the loving energy of the universe that surrounds you.

Love your children unconditionally

This is probably the most important key to your own happiness. Make sure you’re kids do better than you do. Make sure you provide them the example of being a happy parent. Remember, your kids will mirror you every step of the way. The love you have for your children is limitless. It is undivided and infinitely intense. Spend time with them. Play with your children.

One day you will enter the winter of your life. You will want to be prepared for these failing years. Your life resides in your own hands. Make your choices correctly. For karma is not something for the next life. Karma is what comes back round to you in the life you live now. Cherish this moment; this moment is your life.

— Tremelo, Belgium (May 2017)



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