Complain in style

As we’re following Dorothy to the Land of Oz, I can only revel in sharing more beautiful and wonderful patterns which emerge from this intricate story. For one, Dorothy likes to play pretend. In the big world that is. It helps her fix the things she doesn’t like. And it’s almost a good idea, be it not for the fact that it is completely messed up.

As a child, I loved spending all free moments together. She also had this strange mother who sounded like some kind of alien. “Don’t you just hate it when your mom runs around screaming in that horrible voice?!” I gave her a puzzled. Her mother did actually scream a lot. She would use this little high-pitched voice, like a fallen angel out of a nightmare. To describe it to people who cannot imagine the voice: it’s like Judge Doom in the final scene of Roger Rabbit. For a little girl, that is well scary.

Anyways the feeling was mutual.

While I was dreaming of castles and princesses, Dorothy would dream about having a normal, peaceful mother who would kiss her sweetly and talk encouragingly. Her mom was also dreaming of a better daughter. One who would look at her admiringly. Having a stroke of realism in her repertoire of manipulation, Dorothy knew this charade was something which couldn’t be accomplished on a full-time basis. You can’t keep on the mask forever, but it would be nice sometimes to have the feeling of being perfect.

Dorothy became my imaginary adopted sister. My mother saw this vulnerability and played it. She always made Dorothy feel wanted when she was around. It worked. Dorothy thinks my mom is well cool. “She looks so good for her age!” And likewise my mother will approvingly comment that Dorothy is so much like her. This is what I would call a win-win situation.

Just for the sake of it

I’m going to go ahead and say it : complaining has gotten a bad rap. But there’s no shame in experiencing amazing adventures during the day, and remembering disturbing memories comfortably in beautiful accommodations once night falls. Give it a try. It’s not as bad when life is good. It works for Dorothy, and that’s okay with me.

— Tremelo, Belgium (May 2017)



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