Sweet but naughty

I just love spending the evening curled up on the sofa watching House of Cards on Netflix with Dorothy to keep me company. We like to binge watch our favourite series. Every now again we’ll add in a cup of tea and some dark chocolate. Bliss!

I casually mentioned what had been on my mind for a day or two now. “I wrote a blog article about your Nigerian con artist scam. It was pretty awesome, if I say so myself.”

“You did what? Oh no, darling, she’s going to sue me for that, you know!” Dorothy’s face turned to horror.

“Come on, I honestly think she’ll be okay. She might not be intelligent, but she’s street smart.” I’m winking at her from across the kitchen counter.

“Are you sure?” Doubt is audible in Dorothy’s voice.

“As long as I stick to the facts and don’t reveal anything that isn’t publicly known.” How on earth do I get to be so smart? I must say I’m expertly handling Dorothy lately.

“Like what?” Her voice is petulant.

“That she bites little children in the morning, for instance.” The humorous expression on my face can’t be missed. “Look, in the very worst case she’ll shout at you.”

“Shout at me? If only… It’s more probably going to be something more sophisticatedly subtle knowing my mom. Like she’ll just go on ignoring the little one even more.” I’m starting to feel sorry for her again, and that’s why my humour is so important around Dorothy. “You know she talks about herself in the second person. It’s always ‘you can’t do that’ when she’s talking about herself. But it’s so much projection. I wonder if she even realises that way of speaking makes people more defensive. She probably does.”

“Dorothy dear, you give your mother too much credit. You’re finished with her anyway. She’s done for you what she had to do, and that’s that. Time to cut the apron strings now.” I stand firm and tall. This nonsense has to stop. I want the fun Dorothy back.

Dorothy is indeed a strong and striking person for whoever meets her. Yet she is soft and sweet at the same time. She’s such a darling. She manages to express every side of her personality with delicate ease in contemporary expression.

“Shall we play the wish game?” I look at her invitingly.

“What’s that? Is it like Monopoly? I really like that game.” Dorothy’s always in for some good old fun.

“Yes it’s something like that. You have to first formulate your wish. Only positive words. Then you pick a wish crystal and you roll the dice. In the game you move along the infinity symbol. Infinity for abundance, you know.” I have Dorothy’s full attention as she greedily takes in all I’m telling her.

“The aim of the game is to collect eight ‘pearls of wisdom’, or to land on the ‘heart of free will’. This means your wish will be granted. Along the way you collect other cards too.” I’m doing my best to explain the game of how to attract abundance into your life.

Dorothy pipes up : “I see. Is it an expensive game to buy?”

“Not really. 45 Australian dollars. There’s also an app for smartphone and ipad.” I hate it when things become so mundane.

“Does it help you to find your bottleneck to success?” Oh sigh, success and failure. So much to explain here. What defines failure? What’s failure for one is success for another. It just depends where you place your standards.

“If you have blocks which are preventing you from reaching your full potential, then this game will help you uncover them and give you a clue on how to solve them.”

“Did you find yours?” Dorothy’s eyes are popping as they always do when I know she really wants to find out more.

“Darling, you should know by now, I don’t have many blocks.” Much work gone into this lady, dear readers. I have struggled and shifted to become this best version of myself. Chuckles.

“I would like to play it too.” Dorothy is trying not to sound too enthusiastic but I know she’s just dying to get a glimpse of the magic lantern I’ve described to her.

In any case, playing the wish game is better than dancing naked in my garden, swaying wildly and chanting ‘these boots are made for walking’. You never know what that might attract into your life. The Wish Game on the other hand is a more controlled way to direct your energies and to dissolve any blocks you might have. Warmly recommended !


What do you think ? What should we wish for ? What would you wish for ? Let me know in the comments below.



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