Auction : wild amazing pictures

Despite several attempts to cheer Dorothy up, she has been slightly in the dumps since she lost the court case to her former employee, Tatyana. I must say I admire how she took responsibility and requested her payroll agency to draw up the necessary documents as soon as possible. She used her carefully saved funds to pay off the fraudulent employee. Yet she’s still licking her wounds.

“It’s not fair,” she wailed. “I worked so hard for that money. Putting some aside each month. Watching my savings grow. And now it’s gone. It’s all gone!”

Dorothy is miserable, and I’m doing my best to keep her spirits up.

“Look Dorothy dear, despite this set-back, you’re still far away from being poor. You still have a comfortable lifestyle. You’ll just have to cut back on your expenses for the coming six months until your savings account fattens out again.” I’m hoping my good advice won’t fall into deaf ears.

“I need to find a way to double my income and fast.” Dorothy has that wild look.

“You know Dorothy dear, this is what I’ve always admired about you. You have drive and ambition. You have a knack of finding new ways to generate income. You’ll always climb gracefully out of any mud pit life might inadvertently place on your path. You’re a true inspiration for women.” I am doing my best to highlight all her talents and skills.

“I’ve got an idea!” Dorothy exclaims. “What if I auction off the pornographic pictures I still have in my possession of Tatyana in very compromising and graphic positions with very well endowed young males? Surely there’s a market for that!” Dorothy is flicking through her online files and I see some pictures pass by on the huge computer screen which make my cheeks burn red. I attempt to look away but am compelled to look on. Some of those pictures are really… well, really pornographic. And when you see someone you know in such an embarrassing situation, it adds all the more to the appeal.

“Dorothy, you can’t do that. It feels wrong and it’s probably illegal.” Oh no, I can see another one of Dorothy’s disaster plans coming on.

“Why can’t I? These are pictures taken during the hours that the stupid girl was supposed to be working for me, my clients and my company. She sent them on her business computer using her business email account. Both of which belong to me. By all means, I believe those pictures are now mine to sell to compensate for the loss my company has had to incur. Not only loss of reputation, but loss of consequent income. And now financial loss due to having to pay out this fraudulent employee.” Dorothy is on a rant.

“I know darling Dorothy, I know it isn’t just. But selling her pictures is just going to get you into more trouble than you already are.” I am trying to talk reason into her.

“Oh even better. I’ll auction of the pictures, ànd the emails accompanying the pictures. I’m sure there are top executives out there who would love to read about young girls offering bondage and anal sex scenarios. Even you can’t think up something this juicy.” There is no sense to be talked into Dorothy at this point. So I decide to free wheel with her for a while and then bring her back to reason later.

“Okay then, and where do you think to find a buyer for this porn material?” I ask her, hoping she’ll be lost for an answer.

“Oh but Fiona, you’re the digital expert. I’m sure you know how to sell these things online. Surely you know of an auction site like eBay or you could set up a campaign to attract attention to my cause.” Dorothy has a knack of making things my problem all of a sudden.

“Dorothy, you’re forgetting that it is against Google policy to promote adult material through Adwords paid search. I’m afraid I can’t help you there.” What I say is true. It is also what I told Tatyana’s escort agency when they contacted me after Dorothy had fired her.

“Come on darling, I’m sitting on gold here. There must be some way to get onto the black market and sell this stuff. How much do you think it is worth?” Dorothy looks at me as if I would know such a thing.

“Sweetie, in all due honesty. Tatyana was selling herself for cheap. So I think you should do the same with her pics. They’re worthless, I am sure.” I retort.

“Come on, there’s big money here. In this email she’s selling herself and her little friends into bondage for 1.500 euros per night. Surely that means something.” Dorothy is tapping the email she printed out.

“Tell you what Dorothy. Make yourself a file of the pictures and stories you think are worth something. We’ll take them with us on our city trip to Amsterdam. I’m sure we’ll find some shady person in the red light district who might want to help a pure damsel in distress like yourself.” Delayed gratification. If only I can get her there.

“Ah see, you do have some good ideas.” Dorothy is pleased. For now.

“What about her parents? Don’t you think you should spare them the shame?” Really peeps, I am doing my best to make Dorothy think about this with empathy.

“Huh her parents?!” Dorothy looks at me condescendingly. “I never heard from her mother again after this incident. And her father, that was the strangest part of all. The guy almost seemed proud about what his daughter was doing. To quote him on that ‘what she’s doing isn’t really illegal.’ I almost dropped my phone when he said that.”

Hmmm, Dorothy does have a point. This is all very strange behaviour. And a very weird set-up. Besides that, the pictures and the emails remain the hard proof of what she claims. This is far from defamation. Hell no, if anyone has been defamed, it is Dorothy and her business in the first place.

I think it’s time to give this all a place as I aim to end this discussion in humour. “Your life is almost sounding like Bridget Jones with all this anal sex.” I offer.

“What do you mean?” Dorothy looks at me quizzingly.

“Well yes, you know your mom and Tatyana… all in dire need of anal sex. Just like Bridget Jones.” And I pull the laptop away from her, closing the files of a naked Tatyana being stuffed by something extremely large, and I turn to YouTube instead. “Here’s my proof!” And I show her.

“Oh I just love Bridget Jones. Isn’t she just inspiring?” Dorothy is all lost on the Youtube channel now.

“Yes she is darling. She definitely is. And so are you.” I reassuringly tell her. Still I’m convinced there is value in getting Dorothy to channel her energy and frustration into writing erotica. Those emails would already make a good starting point. Pictures or it didn’t happen, so they say. Wink.


What do you think ? Should Dorothy sell the porn pictures ? And if so, to whom ? If anyone wants to make a bid, let me know in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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