Thanks to the internet troll

I recently encountered a rather embarrassing but also very concerning situation on Facebook. You see I was Facebook friends with another Digital Analytics Consultant whom I had previously worked with at Telenet. I’ll just emphasise the word ‘was’ here for certain measure.

“You mean Randy? The one you didn’t get along with?” Dorothy interrupts my rant.

“Yes, that’s the guy.” I answer disgruntled. “He has a tendency every now and again to make obnoxious or mean comments on my posts. That’s posts in plural. So it wasn’t as if the guy was having a bad day. Nooo, it sounds like he would specifically look up my profile when he was feeling in a foul mood, and then see what he could write to put me down.”

“Surprising that a guy would actually do that to a woman. I mean, you’ve got the pussy, right?” Dorothy chirps in again. I ignore her comment and continue.

“This guy is well off his rocker because nobody in their right mind after reading a post they hate would put themselves through the torture of reading even more of my posts. I mean if you don’t like what I’m writing, just stop reading. Just X the post out and then the whole thing will disappear. I mean how hard is that?” I’m really not happy about what happened.

“I hope you deleted his comments and unfriended him?” Dorothy is learning! Yay there is hope still. “What did he write? Was he asking about your diamonds? Or did he want Tatyana’s photos? Do tell me you didn’t turn him down on that!” Uh, okay there is still some work to be done with Dorothy.

“Remember some time back I had posted a picture of wine bottles I had received as a gift from one of my colleagues at BNPPF?” I remind her.

“Oh yes, I saw that! I know exactly what you’re talking about. That guy was really being negative about BNPPF. How it would be better if employees stopped drinking during the working hours and solved problems instead. That guy should just get a hobby. Get a life. What a pork !” Dorothy is outraged.

“Yes, I was so upset. I took screenshots of his awful comments before removing them. That’s leverage, you know. Might be useful some day.” It’s my opinion to always gather your proof if somebody is behaving like a pork.

“You know darling, if it’s any comfort, if he’s a pork online then he most probably is a pork in real life. There isn’t an ‘online you’ and a ‘real you’. There’s just one you.”

“Hmmm, it just so happens that the date of his awful comments weren’t per chance. He’s been responsible for organising the Brussels’ Measuring Bowling twice a year. And each time, it falls through. That day, he had announced to the entire Digital Analytics Community that the event in Brussels had been cancelled yet again due to insufficient participations. Coincidence ? I think not.”

“He’s just a loser. And people don’t want to be around losers. I mean really, who knows him? It’s not like he’s as famous in the DA Community as you are.” Dorothy comforts me.

“Correct. Which is why I sent the screenshots and my complaint about his behaviour to the main organisers of the Measure Bowling event. I told them that if ever they wondered why the event is cancelled each time in Brussels, it’s because Randy stinks.”

“You didn’t ?” Dorothy giggles. “You actually know the organisers?”

“I know a lot of people, Dorothy dear.” And I stand firm. “The days that women have had to put up with bad behaviour from men are over! This is a new era. Women are digitalised and empowered. We’re having none of this BS.”

“Did they ever get back to you on the incidence?” Dorothy looks at me curiously as I smile quite happy with myself.

“Oh yes they did. They asked me if I would be interested in hosting the event in future. You see, I was right : Randy stinks.” Laughter.

“You are going to do it, right?” Dorothy insisted. “This might be your ticket to fame. Or a step towards it. Remember your wish?”

“I do” I acquiesce. “I haven’t accepted yet. Asked them what organising the events entails in terms of time and effort. But I definitely might be interested. I believe I make a successful hostess.”

Success, my darlings, begins by believing in yourself. Because if you don’t, who will?

What do you think? Should I accept the challenge to organise the Brussels’ Measure Bowling event twice a year? Let me know in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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