Some selfish me-time

Darlings, I have so many confessions to make here. I’m selfish, especially when it comes to me-time. Every week I set aside a few hours just for me. I mainly use this much deserved time to go do yoga and meditation. And you know what, this keeps me sane.

I’ll admit there have been days when my kids have seen me running up the corridor in my house, screaming. Yes, you read that right. I have done that. Like any mom out there. It all got too much for me. There were kids crying. And kids demanding. And kids dropping things and making a mess. And then there was mama who was trying to cook a meal, empty the dishwasher ànd the washing machine, and send a few funny text messages, all at the same time. As I’ve said before : multi-tasking doesn’t work and super woman doesn’t exist.

That’s when I felt it. I felt an adult size tantrum coming on. It started somewhere in my belly and it blew up quickly all over my body and into my head. At that exact moment, you do have a choice. You do, dears. Please don’t start making poor excuses for yourself, or even worse, for the entire feminine race. No I won’t have it. Us women, we are in control of our emotions. Yes we are.

Just a little parenthesis here as Dorothy’s mom always claimed that women are such emotional beings and we cannot help but become hysteric at times. It’s part of our delicate condition as irrational beings. BS darlings. Honestly, big stinky BS. Dorothy’s mom is a lier. I can prove that too with hard facts : she burps too often. 

So where were we ? Ah yes, it’s the moment when you feel it is all too much. The moment you know something has to shift. And it normally does. This is the moment where you first carefully put the baby in his play pen so that he is safe. Then and only then can you give into a little rant, a bit of childish running around and screaming. Oh yes, it feels so good. And swing your arms around. Punch a pillow. Kick a ball. Stamp your feet in the grass. Yes, let it all out.

And afterwards ?

You come back into your core. I generally take some time to first tidy myself up. It helps me regain my self-image. I’ll also make a point of talking to my children. I’ll tell them something along the lines that it was all a bit too much for mama. That mama was trying to do too much and setting her expectations of herself far too high. I will also re-affirm each time how much mama loves her babies and that they are not to blame for mama blowing her whistle. These things happen, although they really shouldn’t. And if everybody helps a little, if everyone is just a little bit kinder and a little more thoughtful, then we can avoid these embarrassing moments of running down the corridor screaming.

Your support network

“What’s up, are you okay?” Dorothy has arrived at my door and puts a hand on my shoulder in a comforting manner.

“Oh yes, I’m fine now. I just had one of those moments where everything was overwhelming. You know what I mean.” And I look at her compassionately. “It’s really not okay though. I hate it when I shout when the kids are around.”

“I know, dear, I know.” Dorothy’s words are soothing. “Which is why I rushed over to see you.”

“What are you like, some kind of psychic?” I ask her inquisitively. It just occurred to me that I hadn’t asked her for help, but she just seemed to turn up kind of magically at the right moment.

“You sent me a text message which I didn’t quite understand.” Dorothy informs me with an avoiding look.

“I did ? What did I write ?” I ask her curiously.

“Oh I’m not going to repeat that in front of the kiddos, but I believe it was meant for your man. It’s really quite an intriguing message. Maybe you’ll tell me more about these jade eggs ?” Dorothy knows it’s not quite the moment to bring this up.

“We’re eating eggs tonight?” My eldest babe pipes up. Big ears, I tell you.

So you see peeps, this all goes to vie for several pearls of wisdom I have shared with you before :

  • Multi-tasking is for idiots. If you attempt it, you’ll end up doing nothing right. If you’re with your kids, you’re 100% with your kids. Not a little bit here and a little bit there.
  • When mama’s happy, then everyone thrives.

Therefore it is important to know your priorities. You can easily set aside just a couple of hours of quality me-time. I reserve two evenings per week for yoga sessions. And I aim to meditate at least twice a week. These simple practices allow me to replenish myself. To make sure I am continuously the best possible version of myself.

“Forget about those jade eggs, darling!” Dorothy is all bright eyed. “I think I know what you need…”


What do you think ? How much me-time to you allow yourself each week ? Let me know in the comments below.



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