Being taken for a ride

Begin 2017 I had the distinct feeling that something had to change. There needed to be a shift. I felt a deep craving to live more from the heart and less in the head. So based on this intention, I drew up a list of all areas in my life and where I put my focus the most. What I learned from this is that I was not spending enough quality me-time and also that I was not investing in my interpersonal relationships. There, I had a focus to work on.

My New Year’s intentions were clearly set : 2017 would be the year that I would enhance my soft skills and use those to live more towards my heart’s desire. My deepest desire is very simple : it’s abundance. And abundance to me means being able to spend quality time with my children and traveling the world with them whilst relaxing into the knowledge that money flows freely towards me. Why? Because this will allow me to be the best mommy example I possibly can and to live my happiest life.

So I embarked on a journey which has brought me to where I am today. I took several courses :

On top of that, I have also enrolled in a yoga class I absolutely adore, I meditate regularly to Lilian Eden, have downloaded and listened to various audio books by Deepak Chopra, I’ve set up several blogs and am writing regularly, I’ve gone on a yoga retreat in Sicily with my three kids and the babysitter, I’ve had my teeth fixed and I paid off to Tatyana what she believed was duly hers. On top of that, I have plenty more plans and companies asking me to write guest blog posts for them. I think I’m on a roll here.

“Wow darling, that’s quite a list!” Dorothy remarks. “Do you feel more happy for it?”

“Oh yes I do, Dorothy dear.” I confirm. “Creative expression and pursuing your personal truth are stepping stones on your journey to reaching your full potential.”

“A friend of mine says Deepak Chopra is a con artist.” Dorothy bursts my bubble. “High school fees to pay and no results to show for it.”

Ah I pause here for a moment, because quite frankly, although I adore Deepak Chopra and his wisdom, I haven’t really learned anything new yet this year. In fact, all the courses I took just confirmed to me that I have all the necessary skills and drive to achieve what I want to. Only Deepak Chopra added context and focus to the life lessons I have already learned.

Was it a waste of money ?

Hell no ! These courses have just sparked my inner fire to take my round ass off into greatness. It has shown me that life is now. That I have many desires and ideas and ambitions to fulfil. And I’m the only one who is going to do that for me. So I’m running with the idea. Just try to stop me!

I’m being taken for a ride and it’s the best one I’ve ever been on. This is not the exhausting roller coaster ride which I have learned from my family, with dramatic ups and downs and screaming along the way. Nor is this a merry-go-round the mulberry bush either. No sir, this woman is onto something good. I am riding my abundance wave in the steady flow of the universe. I am loving every moment of it.

“Aren’t you scared you’re going to fall off your abundance wave?” Dorothy intervenes.

“To be honest with you, Dorothy dear, I already have fallen off a few times.” I admit. “But it’s not dramatic. There are plenty of waves which keep coming and going. I just wait for the next wave to pass me by and I hop back on again. It’s easy. Besides, I have all my tools at my disposal to help me get back onto my surf. I have my yoga, my meditation. And the beautiful smiles of my babes every day to remind me what I am grateful for and why I keep going.”


What do you think ? What’s your heart’s desire and why ? Let me know in the comments below.




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