I have paid my dues

“That’s it. I have done it !” Dorothy sounds very proud of herself.

“Done what, dear ?” I ask her.

“I have transferred the money to the account of that rotten Tatyana bitch. Pardon my French.” She looks very pleased too.

“Good, now that’s out of the way. Feeling better ?” I inquire.

“Yes funny enough. Now that’s out of the way, the future looks bright and promising.” Dorothy chirps.

“What changed your perception, if I may ask ?” I prod further.

“Her reaction.” Dorothy states. “Or should I say, their reaction. Because it’s the father behind it really.”

“Okay… She apologized ?” I’m curious to know about this reaction.

“No of course not. But it was just that once I had confirmed I was having the necessary documents drawn up, then they conceded that they weren’t after any additional charges and no penalties. And they’re not having the sentence signed or made into a deed. I thought that rather elegant of them. So I paid up.” Dorothy recounts.

“I see.” Is all I reply.

“Not like my mom who just went on and on in spitting her venom.” Dorothy’s face grows sombre and I have to intercede.

“Dorothy dear, talking about your mother is tedious and boring. I don’t want to hear it anymore. Look, Jedi mind trick. We do not talk about your mother ever, ever again. She’s boring, and she’s a loser. Just do like the entire family did with their Nana. Just ignore her.” And I do some voo-doo gestures and a few tricks I picked up from covert speech and hypnosis.

“Oh okay then. Guess you’re right.” Dorothy agrees just like that. No arguing, no fighting. Just pure and clean acceptance.

“Now that’s done, where does that leave you ?” Just checking on the status of this very crafty programming.

“Ah with an empty bank account and a desire for Prada shoes which will have to wait till next year, when I get back on top financially.” Dorothy sighs.

“And you will, darling. You mark my words. You’ll be back full force in no time. I think you’re doing pretty awesome to tell you the truth.” I chime in.

“I want botox and lip fillers.” Dorothy suddenly changes the subject.

Oh boy, really ? I feel like giving her “the hand” but decide to press on a little.

“Where does that idea come from ?” I ask rather reluctantly.

“My friend Peter had it done and he looks fabulous.” Dorothy replies.

“Your friend Peter is gay.” I add on.

“Yes, so ?” Dorothy gets on the defensive side again. “Nothing wrong with that. He gets compliments and people estimate him at least 10 years younger. I want that too. Besides, it will help along my business if I look stunning.”

“Dorothy, what you need to do is to express your full potential. Embrace your uniqueness. You need to be writing more than erotica. You’d do great writing articles about your business and getting out there on several major platforms. It’s your yellow brick road to fame.” I advise her.

“Like you’re doing with your guest posts about consultancy and Digital Analytics ?” Dorothy asks.

“That’s right darling. I love my job and what I do. I want people out there to know that they can trust me to guide them through the digital landscape. People reading my articles are potential clients. I just love sharing my knowledge with the world. It helps me live a fulfilling and deeply meaningful life.” I’m on a roll here and marking some points with Dorothy.

“I think I see what you’re saying. It’s about grasping opportunities and stop hiding away my talents. What you call ‘being the herione of your own story’.” Dorothy almost sings the words.

“The important part of your story right now, Dorothy darling, is that you paid up. And the universe had beautifully provided for you. Of course it’s horrible to dig into your savings. But how many people can say they have that kind of money lying around ? Most of us would be in a right mess with such a bill to foot.” I point out. “You see, you’re riding your abundance wave beautifully. And there is even more to come. Keep an open mind.”


What do you think ? Where should Dorothy focus her attention now ? I believe she should take care of herself and her interpersonal relationships. But that’s just my opinion. Would love to hear yours in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.





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