Dreams come true

Last night, Dorothy and I were sitting out on my patio drinking a nice cup of tea. I’m happy to be drinking proper PG Tips tea purchased from the international section in the local Delhaize. It just tastes so much better than Lipton or Twinings. Gives a feeling of being home. We’re looking out on my garden and the swimming pool, enjoying the seclusion offered by the surrounding trees, giving a wooded area touch to my privacy.

“Look how far you’ve come.” Dorothy remarks. “Had you ever thought you would be living in a place as beautiful as this?”

“I must admit I’m a very lucky girl.” I reply.

“This is more than being lucky, darling.” Dorothy insists. “You’re a hard working woman. You deserve all the beauty that surrounds you.”

“Ow thank you, sweetheart. That means a lot to me.” I answer tenderly.

“Just goes to show how far a clear vision and strong ambition can take you.” Dorothy says admiringly.

“And a fantastic man by my side.” I point out. Then I sigh, “My Wim is feeling a little taken for granted lately. I don’t really know what to do about it.”

“That hurts, doesn’t it.” Dorothy looks at me intently.

“It sure does. Although I still believe you chose how much you allow something to hurt you.” I go on.

“No darling, those kinds of comments hurt.” Dorothy is adamant I own my feelings and take responsibility for them.

“Which got me thinking I should advertise the house on AirBnB. See if I can make our joint investment lucrative.” I share my ideas with her.

“Really? That’s quite a good idea.” Dorothy picks up. “You’re such an entrepreneur. Always seeing new opportunities.”

“Yes well it’s that or more blow jobs and anal sex.” I giggle.

“Oh you’re bad!” Dorothy gives me a cheeky smile. “You know, I’m still so grateful you came to see the concert of U2 with me. It was so exciting. They’re my childhood heroes. It’s like a dream come true.”

“Pity we were sitting up on the balcony.” I remark.

“Why’s that? We had an excellent view from up there.” Dorothy gets defensive. “Much better than if we had been standing amongst the crowd.”

“Yeah, but we were too far to throw our panties on the stage.” I wink at Dorothy. “I had written my phone number in black ink on my panties. I’ve heard that Bono is likely to call you. Or more likely, he’ll get one of his assistants to call you.”

“I knew that.” Dorothy pouts. “I had stuck a label in mine, with my social media included an all.”

“Oh just imagine if he had called.” I start to dream. “Would you have gone?”

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure.” Dorothy ponders. “I think the idea of actually throwing your panties is more exciting that acting upon the fantasy.”

“Yes, like your threesome idea.” I add sarcastically. “I’ve got some more dreams coming true lined up.”

“Tell me all about it!” Dorothy is wriggling in her seat.

“I’m going to take my Lilly to see Shakira in concert.” I confide. “She’s a big fan, you know. She wanted us to travel to Colombia to see her. And then I saw on Facebook that she would be on world tour. I got tickets immediately.”

“Wow, you must have one happy little girl right now.” Dorothy smiles.

“True, my Lilly is really looking forward to it.” I beam. “I just hope she understands that a concert is watching her idol perform on stage. That it’s not as if she’s going to be having a meet and greet with the artist. Though I have tried to Google that.”

“Maybe you should check more closer to the time.” Dorothy says to me. “They might just offer a meet and greet. You never know. If it’s your wish, the universe might grant it to you.”

“Oh now that’s a wonderful idea.” I exclaim. “And so looking forward to our trip to Senegal. I think the planning and the research is probably the most exciting part of the trip.”

“Yes, that is what they say.” Dorothy imagines. “Say darling, I’ve noticed you’ve been so active on social media lately. Getting all of your Google certificates out to the world.”

“Yes, I thought it was time to showcase my skills and update my knowledge.” I imagine I can become the expert I actually know I already am. “Vacation time is wonderful for upskilling.”

“It’s because of your discussion with Google, isn’t it?” Dorothy observes. What is it with Dorothy lately? She’s keenly observing and reacting in the wisdom I’ve been trying to bestow on her.

“Yes, I must admit that I want to transform myself into the kind of person Google would want to work with on the Digital Masters Academy.” I assess.

“You don’t have to prove anything, you know dear.” Dorothy looks at me concerned. “You’re going to head straight for a burn-out again if you continue like this. Are you having enough fun?”

“To be honest with you, July has been rather glum. All my support network decided to go on vacation. All at the same time: my babysitter, my housekeeper, the children’s nanny. It was a tough month. But I survived.” I am proud to tell her. “Managed to keep things going.”

“Bet you missed going out with me and having cocktails.” Dorothy looks at me knowingly. “And getting all silly.”

“True. Most of all though I missed my yoga.” I tell her with a heartfelt sigh. “I really need my yoga to stay on my abundance wave.”

“Shall I tell you another thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately?” Dorothy is thoughtful. “I’ve been telling myself it’s time for peace and love.”

“That’s great, Dorothy.” I cheer her on. “I hope you indeed get the love and happiness you deserve. Because I also believe that a life without friction is key in being the best possible version of yourself. Your entire life will be just so much more successful than it already is.”

We feel bonded together in the spiritual realm of love. Dancing together to the rhythms of the universe. That evening, we played the Wish Game, and hoped for beautiful coincidences leading to love, peace and happiness in each area of our life.


What do you think?  Will our wish come true? Let me know in the comments below.



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