My slinky drink

It’s half past six and I’m doing my best to deal with three kids and getting dinner on the table when my doorbell rings. Who else could this be turning up unexpected other than Dorothy? Well of course it could be the UPS man delivering a package to my door, but I don’t remember ordering anything. So it must be Dorothy.

“What’s up darling?” It is Dorothy. “What are you fed up with?”

“Huh, what do you mean?” I usher her inside and give her a hello peck on the cheek.

“You were just saying ‘oh I’m so fed up’.” Dorothy looks at me inquisitively.

“You heard that, did you?” I’m not amused.

“Yes I did. Your windows are open, you know.” Dorothy smiles at me.

“Look, I adore my kids. They’re marvellous. But that little one is into everything since he’s walking around.” I show her into the kitchen. “I mean, just look at this mess. He’s getting everything out of my cupboards. If I’m lucky, he’ll put things back in other drawers and cupboards.”

“Well at least he’s tidying up behind himself.” Dorothy bends down to pat the baby on the head. “He’s just re-arranging, mummy. No need to get your knickers in a twist.”

“Yes well, I found my shampoo in the cupboard under the oven this morning.” I give her a meaningful look. “And I have to double check the bins before I throw anything out. He puts things in there too.”

Dorothy is still looking me over intently. “Darling, what have you done? You’re looking extremely well.”

“Oh really, you think so?” I’m looking momentarily very pleased.

“Come on, spill the beans. What’s your secret?” Dorothy wants to know. “Is it your yoga? The green juices you get every morning? Your meditations? You’ve lost weight and you’re glowing.”

“Really, you think so?” And I give myself a twirl, skimming my hands over my waist. “So you can tell I’ve lost weight?”

“Yes seriously, there is much less baby fat around your stomach area.” Dorothy is looking me over approvingly.

“Oh it’s true then.” I’m still looking very happy with myself. “I finally fit back into these jeans. They were cutting into my hips before, you know. Now I can just slip them on and do up the button without holding my breath.”

“Tell me your secret!” Dorothy insists. “I want some of that too.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll admit I’ve done something.” I give her a meaningful look. “But first things first. What are you doing tonight?”

“Oh I’ve got nothing planned.” Dorothy says nonchalantly. “I just came over for a chat. My head is spinning.”

“Good.” I smile at her. “I’m going to yoga in a bit. Fancy coming with me?”

“Where is it?” Dorothy inquires. “And is it hard?”

“It’s in Keerbergen.” I answer to truth. “And no, it’s not hard. It’s like the yoga we were doing in the garden, remember?”

“I’ve got nothing to wear.” Dorothy is looking for excuses now. “I can’t go to your yoga class wearing this.”

“I’ll give you some of my yoga stuff.” I re-assure her. “Nothing fancy, but just good workout stuff. Come along, we’ll get changed while the dinner is warming up.”

“Oh goodie, what are we eating tonight?” Dorothy looks around the kitchen.

“Ribs, potatoes and pumpkin.” I tell her. “Heleen made it at lunchtime, so it just needs heating up.”

I give her some yoga pants and a t-shirt which says that kindness is magic, and leave her to change whilst I set the table.

“Darling, does this mean we’re the same size?” Dorothy emerges from the spare bedroom in my yoga glad rags.

“Looks like it.” I say to her teasingly.

Dorothy looks at me horrified. “Really…”

“Oh come on darling, just a moment ago you were saying how good I look and now you’re horrified we’re the same size.” And I go on to precise: “About the same size. I generally buy my clothes slightly too small. I hate buying a big size. And I always tell myself I’ll slim into it. And now I have. Well almost.”

“Come on then, tell me your secret slimming recipe.” Dorothy is pouting now.

“It’s this coffee I’ve discovered on the Internet.” And I show her a little sachet. “You have one every morning.”

“What and that’s it?” Dorothy looks at me incredulously. “A cup of coffee and that’s it? Is it like the Alli pill? Gets you running to the toilet all the time…”

“Nope, it’s nothing like the Alli pill. That horrid pill causes such embarrassing moments.” And I do remember some very close escapes to the bathroom. “This coffee has totally no side effects. It contains natural ingredients which attack the fat you’re carrying around. As a bonus I must say I feel fantastic all day.”

“That almost sounds too good to be true.” Dorothy says hesitantly.

“Well you have to get used to the taste.” I admit. “I hated my first cup. I drank it just for the good cause. The second day was better because I was expecting a horrid taste. After that it became an acquired taste.”

“Yes and just look at the results. Wow!” Dorothy gives me another admiring look.

“Thanks sweetie.” I smile at her. “Would you call the kids to the table. Dinner’s ready.”


For anyone interested in this tested and results proven coffee brand, you can order it online at:

For more info, you can contact the business owner on Twitter @My_Slinky_Drink 


Let me know what you think in the comments below if you try this coffee yourself.



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