Yoga and the abundance wave

Dorothy happened to appear at my door just as I was about to serve dinner. I found it easy to share three plates of food into four. Happiness and chatter around the table.

“So what got your head spinning, Dorothy dear?” I inquire as I am seeing that my kids are seated properly.

“I need a new job.” Dorothy blurts out.

“Oh you do?” I ask her. “On top of your day job and your nail business?”

“Yes, I have expenses to cover, you know.” Dorothy tells me solemnly. “I still have some liabilities from my previous business.”

“Okay, I can totally understand that.” I look at her gravely. “How much extra would you need per month?”

“Oh I don’t know…” Dorothy baffles.

“Come on, this is a starting point.” I egg her on. “How much do you need extra to cover you over each month?”

“About six hundred euro.” Dorothy thinks out loud.

“Okay, well that’s feasible.” I nod at her, while I direct my kids to eat all their pumpkin too. Vegetables are important. “The problem you’ll have though in finding another job on top of your day job, is that your day job has flexible hours. Each week you have a different roster. I don’t know many employers who are going to want to accommodate for that.”

“I know, I know. What am I going to do?” Dorothy looks upset.

“You’re going to let it go for now, that’s what.” I say to her cheerily. “The babysitter will be here shortly. We’re going to go off to yoga class and you’re going to let the answers come to you.”

“Does that work for you?” Dorothy looks at me intrigued.

“It sure does. I love my yoga practise. There is a strong abundance wave there, you’ll see.” I tell her conspiratorially. “I always focus on my goals, my desires. Yoga helps me quieten my mind and find my inner focus.”

“For real?” Dorothy is looking at me intrigued, her eyes almost popping.

“Yes really, it works for me. I call it my abundance wave.” I confide in her. “When I’m practising my yoga, the ideas come to me of how I can reach my goals, which steps I need to take to bring me closer to my dreams.”

“Oh I hope it works for me too.” Dorothy is getting excited now about the yoga.

“Look, just go there with an open mind and a free heart.” I encourage her. “When you get there, surrender to the abundance wave. Look around you and tell yourself ‘yes, I want this too’.”

“What if nobody likes me?” Dorothy looks afraid again. “You know, what if the women are all snobby and give me haughty looks?”

“Ah, that happens to everyone you know.” I re-assure her again. “What I do then is to just flash them with a big smile. Show them my pearly whites.”

“Yes, kill them with kindness…” Dorothy murmurs.

“That’s right darling.” I go on. “I always say that you should never be caught unawares.”

“What do you mean?” Dorothy wants to know.

“Well when I was in secondary school, we read this story for French class.” I explain. “It was called ‘le châle de Madame Dudon’. I will always remember that story, because it illustrated clearly that Madame Dudon didn’t manage to negotiate her position because she felt inferior due to the shabby, brown winter scarf she was wearing.”

“Appearances are everything. You taught me that.” Dorothy has that stary look in her eyes.

“But this is more than appearances.” I confide in her. “It’s about how you feel about yourself. Your self-confidence, your self-esteem. Never let anyone put you down or make you feel like a lesser person. Hence the advice: before leaving your home, always check yourself. Are you dressed appropriately for your meeting? Do you have all the information you need? Have you checked the details of where you’re going and who will be there? That kind of stuff.”

“A bit like choosing the right heels each morning.” Dorothy ponders.

“Yes, I guess so.” I wink at her.

The doorbell rings to announce the arrival of the babysitter. I wave a joyful goodbye to my children and skip to the car. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have two hours of blissful, qualitative me-time. Just a few times every week. It makes me a better person and allows me to be the wonderful mother I aim to be every day.

“Shall we have a naughty smoke in the car?” Dorothy looks mischievous.

“Oh go on then, just the one won’t hurt.” I say as I roll down all the windows and accept the cigarette Dorothy hands to me. “This is pretty bad, smoking up just before going to yoga.”

“I’m going to need another packet.” Dorothy informs me. “Can you stop in the village at the night shop?”

I stop my car outside the night shop and wait for Dorothy to come back from her errand. She appears again after a few minutes looking slightly disgruntled.

“What’s up? Did the guy try to smooth talk you again?” I tease her.

“What a cheeky bastard!” Dorothy cries out. “Do you know what he said to me? ‘Are you pregnant?’ I mean, do I look pregnant?”

“Oh my goodness, no way! He never!” I blurt out, half laughing. “What did you say?”

“I did what you said, I just laughed at him and said ‘do I look pregnant?’ and then he was lost for words. Stupid bloke!” Dorothy’s mood is picking up again.

“Good girl!” I clap my hands.

We finally arrive outside our yoga class. The weather is beautiful, a wonderful summer evening. It will be yoga outside on the wooden garden terrace. I just love yoga outside in nature. Right in the middle of the green abundance all around. I love looking up at the trees whilst in savasana, and listening to the birds and the sound of the leaves bristling in the breeze. For me, yoga is about staying true to who you really are. It’s about moving your boundaries, nothing stopping me from manifesting whatever is good for me and those I love. I hope Dorothy uncovers her heart’s desire and hops on the abundance wave with me.


What do you think? Which activities allow you to release and turn inwards to find your answers? Let me know in the comments below.



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