Life, I am doing it!

Dorothy and I have just finished an hour’s worth of pure bliss yoga at my favourite yoga studio, Pura Vida Yoga. As the night air is getting rather chilly, we decide not to stick around for post-yoga tea, but head off back to the car. More naughty smokes. Smile.

“Oh my, that was really good!” Dorothy is enthusiastic. “I can feel my thighs burning.”

“Yes wasn’t that delicious?” I join in. “A thorough workout using all your muscles, yet all with just soft flowing movements. No sweating over aerobics or hard workouts.”

“Agree, my body likes soft things too.” Dorothy confirms.

“Did you feel the abundance wave?” I ask her.

“I sure did. You were right. The energy is really strong in that place.” Dorothy muses. “I kept my goals in mind all throughout the workout.”

“Good girl. Mark my words, good things are going to happen.” I smile at Dorothy and she returns the gesture.

“Darling, you’re really looking good.” Dorothy remarks. “It’s the yoga. I can swear you’re glowing and you look just… oh I don’t know. You look different. More relaxed. Maybe even slightly younger.”

“Okay, I’ve got another secret.” I start admitting. “I’ve done something.”

“Oh another secret?” Dorothy looks at me with popping eyes. “Something else than the slinky drink coffee?”

“Yup, indeed.” I nod.

“Well come on, spill the beans!” Dorothy cries impatiently.

I pull the car over to the side of the road and turn myself towards her. “Look at me.” I tell her and I fix her gaze.

“I’m looking.” Dorothy says puzzled.

“What do you see?” I ask her.

“I see you. And you’re beautiful.” Dorothy answers sweetly. “Your hair is blonder than usual. You have a Marilyn Monroe element.”

“Oh thank you, dear.” I reply. “But don’t you notice anything else?”

“You look great.” Dorothy is looking at me more intently now. “You look very present, very aware. Oh you’re doing more courses or meditations with Deepak Chopra?”

“That too.” I concede. “But there’s more. You really don’t see it?”

“Oh come on, put me out of my misery.” Dorothy wails. “Just tell me! Whatever it is, I want to do it as well!”

“I’ve done it!” I blurt out. “I’ve had botox done at my dermatologist.”

“You haven’t!” Dorothy looks at me incredulously. “Oh my, it looks really good. It really works. Look at that! That deep line between your eyebrows, it’s gone! Those deep lines around your eyes, they’re gone!”

I just nod at her in agreement.

“I mean, you looked good before, darling.” Dorothy sounds amazed. “But this is truly wonderful. You do look a lot better. A lot younger. And it looks like you’re glowing it out too. Has impacted your self-confidence. Did you have the lip filler too?”

“No I didn’t. Not the lip filler. Not this time. Maybe next time when I go for another round of botox.” I tell her.

“Why didn’t you do the lip filler?” Dorothy wants to know.

“The price darling. It was too expensive.” I admit. “So I decided I would just start with the botox and see which effect this would have on me and all areas of my life.”

“How much did this set you back, if I may ask?” Dorothy inquires.

“It was really expensive.” I tell her quietly. “Three hundred euro. But well worth every penny. I mean, I’ve been bothered about those laughter lines ever since I was a teenager. And I always promised myself I would have something done about it when I turned forty. Well I’m forty-one now, and it’s time I start doing the things I’ve always wanted to.”

Dorothy looks at me in utter admiration.

“This is my life and I want to live it!” I tell her, more for myself than for her benefit.

“You’re so right darling.” Dorothy encourages me. “Do whatever makes you happy. And if you can do these things, if you have the financial capacity, then yes, absolutely go for it!”

“It was when I saw how good Peter looked with his botox and lip filler that I finally decided I would go for it.” I tell her. “Peter looks great. People estimate him at least ten years younger than he is. I want that too.”

“And you deserve it!” Dorothy continues. “You work hard. You deserve to look good and feel great.”

“What did your boyfriend say?” Dorothy asks me gently.

“Oh he is all for it!” I recount. “He said if that helps me feel better about myself, then yes, I should definitely go for it. Plus he said the results are absolutely amazing.”

“Well he’s so right!” Dorothy chirps.

“And I’ve done something else too…” I go on.

“There’s more?” Dorothy is wriggling in her seat. “What else have you been up to?”

“I’ll tell you in a minute. Let’s get home first and hop in the shower. Need to relax these sore muscles with some hot water.” I am stalling the conversation.

“Darling, will you tell me where you went for your botox? I might just go see your doctor too…” Dorothy trails off.

“Sure. He’s gay though, mind you.” I caution her.

“Peter is gay too. So what?” Dorothy remarks.

“He said I shouldn’t listen to the protests of other people. Remember, most of my other girlfriends were horrified when I told them I wanted botox.” I remind her. “My doctor just said they were jealous. Because I would be looking so much more sexier.”

“You’re hot babe!” Dorothy beams. “Now tell me what other naughty stuff you’ve been up to.”

“Shower first.” I tell her.

Giggles. Laughter. Hot shower. Good times.


What do you think? Maybe I shouldn’t tell people the secret to my new rejuvenated look. Or should I? Let me know in the comments below.


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