Strangers in my sanctuary

Dorothy and I have just finished having a shower after a truly delicious yoga workout. Now with all muscles soothed, we are sitting out on the covered terrace sipping a cup of tea.

“So tell me what else you’ve done.” Dorothy tries to sound casual.

“I’ve found another way to generate income whilst sleeping.” I look at her all pleased with myself.

“Really, another money scheme? That’s fantastic! I’ve always admired your skill in being able to generate money out of nothing.” Dorothy says approvingly. “How is the sales of our naughty stories going?”

“Oh that, quite sluggish I must admit.” I tell her reluctantly. “Think we’re going to need a different approach. And we need to write more, okay?”

“Oh yes, count me in any time.” Dorothy laughs. “I enjoy letting my mind run wild. But stop changing the subject. What’s the new scheme about?”

“You’re the one who started talking about the naughty books.” I point out, and then go on. “You know I’ve got those extra rooms? Well I’m renting them out via AirBnB.”

“Oh my really? That’s so clever!” Dorothy smiles. Then her face drops. “If I’d have known, I might have wanted to rent those rooms from you for my nail business.”

“Yes, I didn’t think of that at the time you were setting up shop.” I admit. “But anyway, I’m really chuffed. Already have four bookings in just one week of being online. Good huh.”

“That’s fantastic!” Dorothy enthusiasms. “But aren’t you scared about having strangers in your place? It might be a little weird.”

“True, having strangers in our homes can be difficult, but we can choose to treat their energy as an exchange of gifts as well as an exercise in acceptance.” I tell her wisely.

“Agree, but you’ve but so much into that place. You might find it jarring to have the outside world come in.” Dorothy cautions.

“Look dear, it’s easy to share my space with you, my kids, my boyfriend and all other people I know well. But just think how many strangers I already have coming in regularly: Anna my household help, contractors for my business, workmen and technicians to fix things around the house. Even friends of my kids or my boyfriend’s friends, they all bring something new into my space.” I have a serious look about me know. “It’s all a matter of attitude. If I treat each person as an intrusion, I might miss the gift they were going to bring. In terms of energy and exchange of ideas.”

“Hadn’t thought of it that way.” Dorothy muses. “You could always clear the air with sage after your guests depart.”

“Exactly, just as I do with my tarot business.” I beam at her. “I’m really looking forward to hearing the messages the universe will send to my door. As well as sharing the joy of my home with others.”

“Yes fantastic. Do remember to set your boundaries clearly.” Dorothy goes on sagely. “Tell them to take off their shoes, not to make a mess, not to make too much noise for the baby and no swearing.”

“Yup, that sums it all up.” I chirp. “And I’ll have to put away my valuables. Not that I have that much. But there are some items I’d go haywire about if they went missing.”

“Yes like your laptops.” Dorothy nods. “All your work is on those machines. It would be quite a catastrophe.”

“Hmmm…” Is all I have to answer to that.

“Did you inform people that you have a natural alarm clock which will wake up the entire house at six o’clock in the morning?” Dorothy giggles.

“Oh you mean the baby?” I look at her puzzled. “He’s so good, that little angel. But yes, he does wake up early….”

“Oh well, just see how it goes. If you really don’t like the experience, you can always take your listing down.” Dorothy remarks.

“There’s another downside to my AirBnB listing.” I admit.

“What’s that?” Dorothy asks.

“Well people are going to want to see you.” I tell her. “Because of my blog. Everyone knows me. I’m Fiona. I’m a Digital Analyst. Boring right. But you, Dorothy, everyone wants to get a glimpse of who you are.”

“Oh…” Dorothy looks dumbstruck for a moment.

“Guess you’ll have to make a few guest appearances from time to time.” I giggle.

“Hope you don’t attract the wrong sort of people to your AirBnB. That would be too bad.” Dorothy looks thoughtful.

“Oh don’t say such things, darling.” I look alarmed. “You’ll attract negative energy.”

“No but seriously. You have given this some deep thought, right.” Dorothy insists.

“Look, the other day I had another guy contact me through LinkedIn.” I confide. “He was telling me how he was enjoying me blog. The articles he had read about women’s issues, about me being single, three kids. About my yoga etc. And then he got stuck on two things: that I’m single and the post about the threesome.”

“Hey, the threesome is my idea!” Dorothy cries out.

“Indeed it is. And that’s what I pointed out to him.” I tell her.

“You what? Well I’m coming nowhere near your place when you’re having guests then.” Dorothy takes on a haughty tone. “Not if people think I’m actually having threesomes.”

“No you silly. I pointed out that it was just that: an idea.” I go on calmly. “I told him that I believe that women should have the right to express their thoughts and desires without having to worry about men thinking this is an open invitation. The guy said he totally agreed with me.”

“Creep!” Dorothy cries out.

“Pork!” I join in.

We finish our tea and decide to call it a day.


What do you think? Would you invite strangers into your home? Let me know in the comments below.




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