Rule number 1 for holiday freedom

Dear Dorothy,

How are you, dear? Are you missing your old chum yet? Over here, in the green dunes of Westkapelle, we are having a marvellous time. Each day is the same, and what is not to like? Our hotel is catering to every need of my littles. In the morning, we play out on the playground. There are swings and a slide. This morning Winston and Lilly played tennis with the new friends they made. There is also a pingpong table and a trampoline. And two swimming pools. All of this set in the bay of the hotel amidst the dunes.

We usually stay out by the hotel till about lunch time. Then we leisurely climb the high hill of the green grown sand dunes, to the beach on the other side. There we have lunch before heading out to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We are eating like kings, and you know how I love to sip my champagne. I am blissfully sipping champagne on a daily basis. I believe I deserve it.

The beach is fantastic. The baby loves playing in the sand and wetting his toes in the waves as they roll in. He also likes to taste the sea water and eat the sand. I do discourage him from putting it all into this mouth. But babies will be babies. It is almost inevitable. And I do try to remember the wise words of my grandmother “It will boost his immune system”. If only…

Myself, I am finally relaxing, the feeling of freedom is returning as the burdens of everyday life are slowly washing away. I feel free again and can bellow “Bring it on!” to my higher power.

I feel free again to toss aside any feelings of suffering. Instead I dream of trips to Sweden with my kiddos and riding in the snow, like a flying saucer down a mountainside.

I feel free again to turn up my volume and act crazy even if the world disapproves.

I actually feel free again in feeling what actually feels good to my body. No more stress, no more aches and pains.

I feel free again and I will not be ignored.

I feel free again spending time under the sun and in the wind. I’m living my truth like an aria.

I’m feeling like the woman again who loves her inner sense of freedom, who longs for that inner sense of connection to her truth, her passion, and her voice.

Because darlings, the world is not getting better for women. We need women to speak up. To act out. Just look at pay inequity, attacks on our reproductive rights, shrinking feminine leadership, and so many more troubling trends. Change must come.

What has to get better is a woman’s ability to deal with, and say, the truth to a world that is not holding her in relevant esteem.

Because truth is freedom. And it’s a card that none of us were encouraged to play. Now is the time to change the ball game.

And the urgency is like never before. I know you feel it, coursing through your body. It can feel like frustration – straining against invisible chains that keep you bound to a way of life that never gave you – you.

My darlings, break from those chains into a new sense of power and urgency. What we need is more women modelling freedom.

What is your truth right now? Mine is one of being real. Of wearing my heart on my sleeve. Of not letting anyone dictate to me the image of me. No more compromising on me. The real me is here to stay.


Because really, what limits your sense of being a free woman? Women have been conditioned for centuries to sit on their truth, to swallow it. Well darlings, no more. What are we actually afraid of? I can run a household by myself, bring up three children by myself, run a successful business by myself, make decisions by myself and for myself. I enjoy the company of my man, because he stands by my side and encourages me to explore and to live more in freedom.

Still I feel there are areas in my life where my truth is wanted, needed and required. I have told you before about my ambitions for Women in Analytics. Yesterday was such a delicious day. I got an unexpected call from Google. They actually want to go ahead with me as a trainer for their Digital Masters Academy. I will not be limited to one unique workshop, but instead I will be able to guide a class through an entire syllabus of all things Digital. I feel blessed. So many young souls who I will have the opportunity to guide and to mold into future Digital Analysts. I want to thank the universe for granting me this opportunity. And thank myself for pursuing the ambitions which mean so much to me.


PS: more guests coming for my AirBnB. Would you please head over to my place and prepare some clean towels? Thank you, darling.


Ladies, what do you think? I want to hear from you. I want to know which women’s issues you are struggling with. Let me know in the comments below.



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