Fulfilling our holiday goals

Dear Dorothy,

I’m sure you’ll agree that what makes life delicious is having dreams and desires. You can never have too many travel goals on your bucket list. But would you call a mini-break to our northern neighbours a real travel destination? Maybe not. Still I am so much enjoying this quality time away with my kids. The fresh sea air is doing me worlds of good.


Our hotel is a truly amazing destination for the kids. So many fun activities to engage in and new friends to make. Besides, each day I get to complete a physical and mental challenge: climb the stairs on the high dunes to reach the beach on the other side. Each time I take my time and tell myself “I can do it”, and I can, even with the extra weight of 12 kilo baby to carry in his sling. My thighs are burning. And when I look up and see my goal and destination where I’m heading, I compare it to the challenges I face everyday in life, as a single mother, as a woman entrepreneur. Darling, we can do stuff!

Also the Netherlands are ideal if you’re traveling on a budget. I am yet to discover a real inexpensive destination when traveling. But Holland really hits the mark. We are eating like royals, yet my purse is not feeling strained. I find we can enjoy the best the Dutch have to offer without going over budget. And at the same time, I know back home that my AirBnB is bringing in extra cash without much effort on my behalf. What a wonderful life!

But the sea, darling, the sea. I love spending time by the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and the smell of the salt sea air. Looking out on the vast horizon, gives me a chance to become aware of the power of my thoughts. It’s in these moments of inner musings that I manage to fill the emptiness with loving, peaceful affirmations. The seaside always manages to initiate a healing process that infuses me with positive, empowering thoughts.

Ultimately, my romantic soul rolls with the waves and awakens an awareness within myself that enables me to create a foundation of positivity from which I can build a more authentic existence. For myself and for my loving children. They’re such wonderful little souls. I must be doing something right to be surrounded by so much love and joy.

There are several things I am missing from home, which will make our return so much sweeter. Whilst of course I miss you, and my Wim man, and my friends and home… most of all I am missing my yoga practise. August was such a divine blessing to return back to my weekly practises. And now a week off. No more studying, no more yoga. Just pure rest and bliss. Gorgeous, promise me you’ll attend several yoga classes with me when I get back. We need to keep this abundance wave rolling.


Also I have an inkling to watch the Lion King on a quiet girls night in!

That’s it for today, Dorothy dear. I’m a happy camper out here. Loving it, living it!


PS: the BeachClub Zuiderduin down on the beach is fantastic. Love their champagne. And little baby Willem is drinking his own glass of water like a big boy! Some news huh *smile*.


What do you think? How does a vacation bring out the best in you? Let me know in the comments below.



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