Colombo finds it suspicious

“Oh darling, I’m so happy you’re back from vacation.” Dorothy chirps.

“Well I’m not.” And I look disgruntled. “I was really enjoying myself with the kids. Having all that quality time, just for myself and all dedicated to the bliss of the babes. Of course I worked for my clients too. But that is easy when you’re sitting on a balcony, sipping another latté and looking out over the luscious green-grown sand dunes.”

“I thought you liked coming home.” Dorothy looks hurt. “Didn’t you miss me at all? Surely you needed some adult speak!”

“You know, for once I was in no hurry to get back home. I had pushed myself too far. Always work, work, work. We’re really not made for working fulltime, you know.” I tell her. “At least I’m not.”

“Well I missed you.” Dorothy goes on. “So many suspicious things have been happening.”

“Oh no, you do realise that it’s all in your head, don’t you.” I am in no mood to humour her.

“What do you mean?” Dorothy looks bewildered. “Seriously, strange things are happening.”

“Like what?” I give her that bring-it-on-then attitude.

“Well for one, my mother has asked to see the baby.” Dorothy starts out.

“What’s so strange about that?” I want to know. “It’s only natural she wants to see the little one. He’s such a joy to have around.”

“She never asked about him before now.” Dorothy goes on. “Not even once. I was hoping he would pass under the radar.”

“So she wants to see him.” I just repeat the obvious. “That is in fact nice. Especially for the kids.”

“But what has changed?” Dorothy pipes up. “I’ll tell you what, nothing has changed. So if nothing has changed, why all of a sudden this interest in the little one? You see, that’s what makes it suspicious. It’s like all the games and hidden agenda’s are going to come out again. That’s what makes me not want to go there.”

“Look, Dorothy.” I talk to her calmly. “We’ve already discussed this. Kill them with kindness. What else has been going on?”

“Well then my stepdad, Fwa-Fwa, out of the blue, haven’t heard from him in years. The kids never see him either. They don’t even know who he is. No kidding.” Dorothy blurts out.

“Yes, I know the kids are very confused about Fwa-Fwa and the whole family setting.” I confirm. “It doesn’t mean much to them. Especially when they see their mother is being treated with disdain. But still, what’s the problem with Fwa-Fwa?”

“Well he commented on a picture from 2008 on my cousin’s Facebook profile. A picture of my little Lilly when she was just born.” Dorothy looks worried. “And his comment was ‘who’s baby is this?’. I mean, really? It’s his granddaughter. Not that he seems to care much.”

“Look, Fwa-Fwa has always been difficult. He has mommy-issues which makes him dislike women. And he needs to exert his dominance, which he doesn’t have. That frustrates him.” I tell her soothingly. “But he was a father to you for years, put a roof above your head and food on the table. Maybe he’s going senile or dement. Maybe he felt nostalgic and was going through really old photos on Facebook. He must have been very bored to go all the way back to 2008.”

“It was just after my mom requested to see the baby out of the blue. That’s what makes it suspicious.” Dorothy still looks unhappy.

“Just sounds like a charm offensive, if you ask me.” I tell her. “Sounds like they need something off you. Just sit and wait and observe. You’ll find out sooner or later what they need from you.”

“And then there is my niece, Billy’s little girl.” Dorothy goes on.

“What about her? She’s an adorable little girl, isn’t she.” I remember fondly.

“Yes she is.” Dorothy confirms. “She just seems to be getting into the most horrific and weird accidents. She always had. Some years ago she had her shoulder dislodged. Nathalie claimed she hadn’t noticed anything. I mean, really? A dislodged shoulder is very painful. And she wouldn’t have been able to use that arm at all. And Nathalie hadn’t noticed it? Come on, that’s fishy.”

“Yes, that does sound strange.” I say thoughtfully.

“Then she had another dislodged arm or elbow a few months later. And now the little girl has had her teeth bashed in.” Dorothy’s eyes are popping. “What am I supposed to do. Close my eyes to it all until something serious happens?”

“Look darling, I understand you’re concerned. And it’s really so much like you to want to report this to the authorities and save the world.” I look at her intently now. “But really, there are enough caring adults in the direct environment of that little princess. If something was seriously off, those people would take the necessary actions. I’m telling you, you’re most probably imagining things based on your own experiences. And because nobody helped you, you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Ever.”

Dorothy doesn’t answer.

“Don’t, and I repeat don’t you dare do anything.” I tell her firmly. “It is all okay. Your babies are ok. Everything in your world is fine. Let’s keep it all nice on our pink fluffy clouds.”

“Oh okay, it does sound so much better when you explain it like that.” Dorothy sighs.

“We’ll book a massage with the beautician one of these days.” I go on calmly. “And we’ll head out to the seaside one afternoon. You could do with some relaxing quality time too.”

Dorothy just nods.

“Let’s focus on the good stuff, the solutions, and the dream life we’re heading towards.” Positive affirmations work wonders. “Deal?”

“Deal…” Dorothy is perking up again.


What do you think? How do you handle negative self-talk? Let me know in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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