#WomenShare knowledge

This week I participated in Marta Hurtado‘s series of live interviews for the plaform she created, called #WomenShare. This is a place where powerful and entrepreneurial women can connect and share their story. The aim is to inspire other women all over the world with their ideas and endeavours.


As you can see from watching the video, at first I was super nervous. Yet I shouldn’t have been. I’m a regular speaker at events and conferences, where I love to share my knowledge and passion with all. Yet this was different. This was my first interview on Facebook live. And I simply revelled in the experience.

Watching myself in this video afterwards gave me some life-changing insights. What are those weird things I do with my face when I’m nervous and not at ease? I need to be more aware of that. But I love my smile and the sparkle in my eyes when I finally relax into the situation. I was pleased to see the miracle botox did for the creases around my eyes and forehead. And am now more adamant than ever to go for the lip filler and collagen to fill the marks of time around my mouth.

Ageing is something I know we need to embrace with grace and gratitude. Yet I am still a strong believer in aiding the the body’s infinite capacity for change and renewal. If you have the possibility, I think all women should take advantage of this miracle. We have the ability and the choice to completely reinvent our body, if certain physical aspects don’t please us. Though do not be mistaken, transforming ourselves from a material object to a dynamic, flowing process, will not fill the gap completely. True self-esteem and self-confidence comes from within. Your physical body is a fiction. It is how you feel on the inside which will shine through on the outside. In my case, I find that the assistance of my trusted dermatologist contributes largely to my feel-well factor. Whatever makes you feel it, just go for it. The results are astonishing, but you must involve the soul *smile*.

About the #WomenShare interview

We discussed various topics. The first question, my secret to success, was a vast issue to answer in such a short interview. In more simple terms, Marta wanted me to explain to the viewers how I manage to balance my family life, as a single mom of 3 wonderful children, with my successful career.

First things first, success starts from within. It is a question of getting your priorities right. About creating structure in your life. Get your sugar sorted out. It’s about being completely honest with yourself about where you are right now, and where you want to be, what your goals and dreams are in life. And then thinking out strategies about how to get there.

So what does this look like for me? Don’t worry, your dreams and desires might differ greatly from mine. And that’s okay. My example is just to get you thinking about yourself and how you can create the dream life for yourself.

My priorities are as follows and exactly in this order:

  1. my three beautiful littles,
  2. my partner,
  3. my career and entrepreneurial undertakings,
  4. my friends and family,
  5. my hobbies and passions.

Knowing that my children come in the first place, no matter what happens in life, makes that I have organised and structured my life in such a way as to be the best possible mommy example I can for my babes.

I tend to approach my personal life in much the same way as I would manage my business: I outsource the tasks I don’t enjoy doing and which don’t have much added value to me and my family. These tasks include: the cleaning, the ironing and grocery shopping. This frees up lots of time for me to be able to dedicate myself entirely to my family and my clients. I have ridden my life of useless stress factors.

Another factor is extreme self care. When my body and soul is nourished and blooming, I feel empowered to be my best every day. I surround myself with a positive community, and high-quality friends.  For me this means going to my yoga practise every week, it means meditation and indulging myself in a massage session at least one per month.

Another supplement to my wellness feeling is happy healthy food. Home made meals on the table daily, green juices and vitamins help me nourish myself and my family. You should feel great about what you put into your body.

And then now with a happy soul, a nourished body and a peaceful mind, you can go about being the best possible version of yourself in your professional activities. Always be upskilling yourself. Do more in less time. You don’t have to work hard to be successful. What matters is showing up, providing the best experience to your clients, offering that little something which is so different from your competitors. And most importantly, your network: take great care of your network. Make sure that you surround yourself with only the best. Because the 5 most closest people around you have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and how your life unfolds for you. Remember to always be kind.

Are you at a crossroads?

Are you afraid about making the wrong choice? Really ladies, stop overthinking things. Lean in, you can do more than you expect. Being successful comes with many ups and downs. We don’t always succeed from the word go. In fact, we all encounter difficulty and failure. But it’s how we deal with that failure, with which grace we get ourselves back up from the floor, how much bounce-back-ability we have, which will determine our eventual success. Each failure has hidden lessons.

Also do listen to your own inner voice. Your intuition is brilliant and, honestly, quite chatty under the surface. But unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore amid the noise and confusion of daily life, outside advice and opinions of others. So get in sync with your purpose, steer yourself into positive forward movement.

Ladies, we can do this! Get out of your comfort zone and make this moment, your life, something magical. The choice is yours. Always.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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