Dark intuition

“Darling, I’ve been thinking,” Dorothy starts out carefully. “Our conversation yesterday. Some things just don’t make sense.”

Uhuh, she’s on to me. Still trying to sound innocent, I reply: “What do you mean?”

“Well for starters, what is so spooky about two people randomly dying?” She hits spot on.

“Both of them organized what is known as ‘pink ballets’. You know, sex parties, orgies, that kind of stuff. That’s the common denominator.” I blurt it out. There is no easy way to say this. “Rumour had it that they knew too much.”

“Oh sugar, no way!” Dorothy cries out. “Illegal stuff then?”

“It was all supposed to be under the form of consenting adults. That was rule number one.” I re-assure her. “But I’ve seen Philippe’s computer. He showed me stuff that I found on the edge of reason.”

“He showed you? Why did he do that?” She asks almost incredulous. “What did you see?”

“I don’t know why. Maybe he liked me. People have a tendency to tell me all their weird stuff. Maybe they feel at ease around me. In any case, it freaks me out.” I tell her. “I can’t tell you what I saw on that computer. I won’t. But I can tell you that some things were definitely over-the-top, illegal and without consent.”

“Like illuminati stuff?” Dorothy probes further.

“Like ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, but then corrupted like only Belgians can do.” I answer coolly.

“How did you get into such a mess to start with?” Dorothy now wants to know.

“Oh I wasn’t part of anything like that, darling.” I state rather alarmed.

“You’re lying to me!” Dorothy pouts. Then she’s quick to change the subject. “What about Fight Club? You flinched when I mentioned that. I saw it.”

“You haven’t changed a bit, have you?” I remark. “You’ve seen everything, even the stuff I’d rather you didn’t notice.”

“Come on, spill the beans.” Dorothy coaxes me on.

“Surprisingly I find myself back in the same place as some seven years ago.” I am searching a way to start off this storyline. “I knew a fierce fighter back then. Black belt. That lesson in Krav Maga sparked up something long forgotten.”

“You’re still not making any sense.” Dorothy drawls.

“I don’t expect I am.” I look at her intently. “You’re asking me too many questions which make me uneasy.”

“But why?” Dorothy gasps.

“Tell me darling, how am I supposed to keep this world a beautiful place for my children?” I ask her. “Knowing what I know, and having lived the experiences I have. How can I tell them to go out there and lead wonderful lives? I have seen the depths people will stoop to. The things humans do to other humans. What lenghts men will go to to satisfy their sexual desires.”

I pause for a moment. Dorothy is looking at me expectantly to continue.

“I like me life ‘Little House on the Prairie’. I like to keep myself to myself. I don’t expect people to understand.” I go on. “I pity those people who are continuously seeking the next best thing, who think there is ‘more’ to life. Who are so dissatisfied with the simple life they take for granted. You see, that’s where the true treasure lies in my eyes. The quiet, ordinary, routine of the normal and simple life.”

“I see,” and Dorothy instantly casts her eyes down. “But you liked the fighting with your instructor…”

“Yes, I told you, I have killer whale genes. It’s part of who I am. Now that I know that, I can control it. And make this secret calling more easy for my children to understand and to keep in check, so that they can also lead happy and fulfilling lives.” I continue watching her carefully for a reaction. “That medium I saw last spring was right about that. People are scared of me.”

“I’m not.” Dorothy looks up at me. “I think you’re lovely.”

“Ah bless you!” I smile at her. “A friend of mine, Jean-Marie pointed out that people who don’t mean me well have a tendancy of dying. It was a joke of course, but I do hear the doubt when I tell the story of how Graham died just a couple of months after I told him I wanted nothing more to do with him.”

“Noooo…” is all Dorothy can say.

“Family karma, that’s what.” I tell her. “Like my habit of having affaires.”

“You’re having an affaire!” Dorothy sounds angry. “Fiona, what’s going on with you?”

“I’m sexting,” I admit. “And Wim knows about it.”

“But why?” Dorothy seems to be on repeat this evening. I’m sure she’s starting to regret all her questions by now.

“People start looking around when they haven’t had sex for two months.” I state the bit of psychology I know about. “Besides, I heard from Dory that you’re chasing boys. And you never told me anything about that. So your turn now to spill the beans.”

Giggles and gossip. A lovely girlie evening.


To conclude this post of introspection, I have also been told several times that I am enclined to make myself bigger than I am. Therefore, do remember I am only a small blonde lady, and I’m all soft and very easily hurt. I like applying a soft touch to life and all those around me. Love and light.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

*** No disclaimer.



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